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Who: Reader x Sun Ju Kyung What: Smutmance (what you get when Smut and romance have a baby)

Warning: 18+ Sexual content and angst

Story: You never thought you'd agree to something like this. His interests are unconventional but you're willing to taste this life he likes...
Ju Kyung's POV His hands pushed up her shirt and tossed it to the side. She made him dangerously hungry. She had worried him and pissed him off all because she hadn't answered her phone. Chase was the one to call him to pick her up because she'd gone too wild and none of them were sober enough to get her out. She called him out for what he was. She could tell he liked it, giving her pain. He wanted her to like it back, to enjoy it. He wanted her to be his little masochist bunny. When she cried, he was in disbelief she actually cried. He cursed in his head wondering how far he'd gone with her. She never said the safe word. There was a moment he swore she was about to say it but he didn't hear it. He was listening, he swore he was but he should've known she wouldn't. He should've known she liked being tough, she didn't like being challenged and above all things if you told her to do something she'd do the opposite. Still she said he scared her. No. He terrified her. Some dark part of him thought it was a good thing but this other part of him that was infatuated with her told him he was an idiot. He did like watching her get pleased by women, there was something sexy about watching her being pleased but he also wanted to fuck her. He wanted to ruin that body of hers, make a mess of her. Shit, he wanted to be so damn mean to her. He wanted to tie her down, he wanted to whip her, he wanted to do very bad things to her. The more she got upset at him, the more she raised her voice and the more he tried to control himself. He didn't want to hurt her but he did. Fuck, he wanted her to scream for him. Scream his name and call him Master, he wanted her begging and restricted. There was a perfect toy he could sit her on, tie her hands and tell her not to cum while it vibrated on her clit. He just wanted to punish her. That's why he listed Hyunsu as her punisher. He may like punishing disobedient pets but he knew how to not cross the line. Queen even called him out in front of her. His pets didn't renew because they were sick of that abuse. It wasn't abuse but from the outside looking in it was. He enjoyed watching them get frustrated and their bodies going through spasms or trying to control orgasms that were going to come any way. They looked for men that loved them right, men that could commit. Ju Kyung didn't want commitment he wanted sex. He wanted to tie her up and stuff her panties in her mouth and play with her body while she was unable to move. He even liked the way she cried. He hated himself for wanting to do all these things to her. He was a sadist. He never really wanted to admit that. He never really wanted to admit he liked giving pain. He wanted her to like the pain, to find it just as arousing as his body did. Then she had to go and ask him to make love to her. She wanted him to be gentle. Gentle was the hardest thing for him. He wasn't good at it. "I want your hands all over my body." She said to him. Her soft voice was so alluring. His hands went up her shirt and ghosted over her sides. His hands were smooth against her skin and he felt the way she breathed in. Her arms wrapped around his neck and he came down to kiss her. His lips took over hers in a hard kiss and she moved her hands from around his neck to his chest and pushed him up. He looked down at her wondering what was going on. "Gentle." She said. She reached up to cup his face and brought him down to her lips again. She parted her lips for a kiss and leaned in slightly only to deny his lips. He took in a breath coming for her lips again, she denied him. She leaned back the more she denied him until his lips finally caught hers. His tongue ran against hers hungry and hard. She pushed him up again. He sighed frustrated, "Why can't I kiss you?" "Kiss me softer, be slow. Why do you have to rush Ju Kyung?" "I'm not rushing." He said. "Yes you are." She said softly. Her hand slowly trailed down his cheek to his neck. Her eyes followed her hand and he watched as her eyes came back up to his. Her hand smoothed over his clothed chest. She spoke in a soft almost whisper like voice, "We're good friends Ju Ju. We know how to connect. You use the things you know about me against me but there are other things about me you don't even know." "Like what?" He said interested. "You're curious?" she chuckled. She propped herself up using her free hand. She looked into his eyes while her legs wrapped around his waist. Her hand came down from his chest and wrapped around his body pulling him close to her. Their chest pressed together, she looked him in the eyes and softly pressed her lips against his. Her lips made contact brief and he was aching to taste her more. He couldn't do slow he wanted her now. He wanted her fast and hard. He pushed into her and she stopped him from taking over. "Ju Kyung." "I want you." He said darkly. "I'm letting you have me but you have to do it my way." "I can't, I want you now." He said. He pushed her down again and she stopped him. She unwrapped her legs from his waist and moved him over and sat him on the bed. She brought her hands to his shirt to unbutton it. Her hands moved slow, "Y/n." He grabbed her wrists and she looked him in the eyes. She continued to unbutton his shirt at a slow pace. "People can make love without moving this slow." "Don't you want to know my secrets Ju Kyung?" She said. She leaned over and kissed him. She pushed his shirt down his arms to reveal his body. "Secrets don't come out fast. If you want me, if you want secrets, if you want to be even more connected, you have to be slow. Savor every last taste of me." She whispered as she got closer to his lips to give him a small kiss. "You're only giving me a little." he said frustrated. "Then take what you need, just don't be rough. Ju Ju connect me, trust me a little." "I trust you but do you understand my need to eat you alive right now?" "Ju Kyung you like pain so much, it's torture for me if you go slow. I'll want it, I'll want it so bad I'll beg and I'll be so tight. When you don't fuck me hard, when you deny me that fierce fuck it's torture for me. You want to watch me go crazy right? So be slow." She said. She grabbed his hands and drew them to her sides. He came to the front of her pants and undid the small button and zipped them down. Her bra and underwear the only thing remaining. She climbed on top of him, straddling his lap. Her hips started to grind against his groin. His hands were on her hips feeling the motion of her body rocking beautifully slow against him. His craving for her wasn't going away. It was growing stronger; he wanted to yank her down to the bed and bite at her skin. He looked into her eyes as she moved on him. Her moans were soft and sensual. Her eyes were dark and looking for something in his. He looked at her, he saw her. He saw her like he did the first time he wanted her. When he met her, he wanted her. He controlled that desire, that taste because of Jay and Chase since they were good friends of hers. The more he learned about her the more he liked her as a friend and they got closer but his craving for her didn't go away. He realized it had gotten stronger. When she broke up with her last boyfriend, he had to distract himself from taking her then. She was a wild untamed woman, she went wild once she was free of her old flame. She had sex in the club or went home with perfect strangers and all he wanted to do was fuck her like this. He desired to punish her but right now he desired it less. All he wanted was her to belong to him. To taste her, devour her, he wanted all of her. She started to grind a little faster. She leaned her head back and he took the opportunity to lick her neck. Her hands gripped his shoulders a little tighter, his hands made their way up her back. He felt something on her back. His fingers traced it, a scar? Something that he hadn't noticed when he slept with her. She was in her bunny suit the other times so he didn't notice it because it was her mid back that had the scar. She kissed him and his hand went to her hair. He tugged lightly on her hair while her arms wrapped around his neck. His fingers laid across her scar for a while before he brought both hands down to her ass. He pulled her close as she whimpered a moan into his mouth from the lingering pain of her punishment. He stood up and she quickly wrapped her legs around him. His lips found her neck kissing her in the spot just between her neck and her shoulder. Her breathing was hot and sexy in his ear. He pulled up as he laid her on the bed and her legs unraveled from around his waist. She looked at him, her eyes even darker and he felt his crotch throb for her. He wanted to be inside her. He pulled off her panties and tossed them to the side. Her hair was spread out on his pillow, her naked bottom inviting him to her. He wanted her completely naked, "Take off your bra." He said. She sat up enough to unhook the bra and slipped it off. She let it slide down the side of the bed and he leaned over her to kiss her again. His kiss was hard but her lips changed the pace by restricting his tongue access and his lips pace. He softened the kiss to what she wanted, he started learning how she wanted to be kissed. He kissed her gently before, a few times in the club but when he wanted her this bad it was hard to control himself. He laid her back into the bed and messed with her hair; he had it spread in every direction across his pillow and when he came up he liked the look of her laid out naked below him. He stood up and took off his pants and pushed his underwear down with them. He kicked his pants to the side and looked down at her. Her hands were slowly moving down her body, her eyes were locked on his erection and she was smiling at the way standing at attention for her. She looked so ethereal like that, especially since the sun was hitting her just right through his curtains. He crawled over her body and she opened her legs for him. He came to her entrance dipping inside her only an inch and coming out. Her hot breath was loud, sexy, sensual and everything he wanted to hear. His lips covered hers as he went a little deeper and came out of her again. Inch by inch she took him in each time he came inside of her. It was torture for him because he was doing everything he could not to be rough with her. He took his kisses down to her neck again and his own heated breaths went to her ear making her moan louder. He bit at her skin and sucked at it while his hips were grinding against her. "Ju Kyung." She moaned his name softly, so beautiful it was like music to him. "Y/n." He groaned her name. She turned him on, she wouldn't stop. She drove his body insane, she drove him insane. His darkest desires came out around her but she had the ability to get him to move like this. His body was grinding against hers in a slow pace while his lips found every inch of her skin. He drew soft moans out of her; she pulsed around him wanting more. He pushed deeper into her making her cry out. His hips moved hard and made the grind powerful. She looked up at him, her mouth open and her breathing uneven. "More." She asked. "You want more?" He asked. "Yes, please I want more." She begged. He liked that. He liked hearing her beg for him. His hand went to her hip, the other to her throat; he didn't squeeze he just touched her. She moaned as he sat up to push in deeper. He was so hard so hot, he wanted her. He moved her leg to one side and laid behind her. He wrapped his arm back around her to get to her neck. He grabbed her waist and she lifted her leg. He started moving in her slowly and she whined and looked back at him. He kissed her lips softly, a small peck to make her want more. He teased her like she teased him. "Ju Kyung." She whined his name wanting more. She was tight around him. He let her hear him breath which made her reach back to grab him. He grabbed her leg and propped it up higher, higher than she might've found comfortable. Her hand was gripping his ass and he moved a little faster in her. "Yes." She breathed. He kissed her neck while he pumped inside her and had her leg high. She straightened her leg, extending it to the ceiling. "Ju Kyung. Ju Kyung." She moaned. "Bring your leg down bunny." He said. She brought her leg down but said, "I'm not your bunny right now." "You're always my bunny." He said. Even before you were my pet. He sat up keeping her on her side and hooking her leg around his waist. He was between her legs and grinding into her body again. He reached down to tease her soft breast. His hand cupping the mound of flesh massaging it and rubbing her nipple. She mewled at his touch and her hand came down to her clit. She rocked her hips along with him and he ran his hand down her body. Her eyes were hazy, she was panting lightly and her hips were making circles as he pushed into her. He turned his grinding into thrusting, the fingers that had been on her clit came to her lips. She sucked on her fingers moaning loudly on them. "Y/n I want to make a mess of you." "I'm yours do whatever you like." She moaned. He laid her back on her back. His hand came around her neck and squeezed a little. He kissed her, he bit her lip and his eyes had darkened even more. "Don't say that. You'll regret it." He started to buck his hips into her a little harder. Her hand met the back of his neck keeping their eyes locked. He dipped down to peck her lips. His breathing picked up. Her moans were filled with excitement. "Ju Kyung. Ju Kyung." "Don't cum." "Don't." "Don't cum." He warned her. She cried a moan but he felt her tighten around him. She leaned her head back. Her back arched up when he slammed into her. "Ju Kyung oh my god." She moaned. His fingers came down to her clit and drew quick circles. She was closer to the edge and so was he. "Come on baby, cum before me." He called her baby? She tightened even more around him when she heard it. He started to slow down a bit and his mouth covered her nipple licking and then biting it. She pushed up into his mouth. Her hand went to her clit with him. They both were touching her. Her eyes was hazy, she looked so fucked out. Her mouth was open sucking in air. "Ju Kyung." She whispered staring him in the eyes. The look she gave him for a brief second looked as if she had no idea who he was. Her body shook and her hand stopped touching but his continued. She wrapped her arms around his neck and looked him in his eyes while he was panting. "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum." "Come quick, hurry up." He said. "Ju Kyung-ah!" She moaned loudly unable to contain herself. She shook and twitched below him. She looked him in the eyes during all of it. She was trying to breathe and Ju Kyung crashed his lips over hers. His hand on her waist went through her hair and he slammed into her. He was going to be rough now. He was gonna fuck this beautiful body of hers. His lips ravished her making them swollen, he bit at them, licked them. He was eating her up. "Fuck Y/n." He groaned like she'd done something wrong. She had down something wrong, she was giving him permission to go crazy. She cried as he continued to fuck her. Her walls still holding him tight for a moment. She buried her face in his chest and he kept her head there. She was still moaning on him and his last thrust came, he released his entire load inside her. The longer he held off from touching her the more he desired to devour her. He stared at her, she looked tired. Her arms were limp on the bed as she panted away, staring up at him. He bent down to peck her lips. "Damn it I still want you." He said frustrated. "You smell good." She mumbled while her eyes closed. "Hey, hey look at me." He said. "I'm tired." She said. He pulled out of her and she whined at the loss of him. He opened her legs and licked up her slit making her moan again. "Ju Ju. No more." She said. "I just want to taste you again." He said His mouth kissed her folds and clit. His tongue came to her rim and licked around it before he licked back up to her clit. He sucked on it first just a little, like a tease then made out with it while humming. She was still panting, "Ju Kyung." "I still fucking want you." He said. "Let me rest." She said. He sighed, he bit her inner thighs before he came up and laid behind her. He turned her head to face him and he kissed her. His tongue sank into her mouth taking dominance over her again. She hummed, turned on and satisfied. When he broke the kiss, he looked down to see the scar on her back. His fingers touched it and he situated himself so he could kiss it before he came back to his original place. "How did you even get this?" "An old boyfriend gave it to me." She said. "Which one?" He said immediately becoming upset that one of them had hurt her. "I don't remember, there are too many of them to count." She joked. "You're lying to me." "I may or may not be." She said yawning. He awkwardly wrapped his arms around her and she smiled and let her arm rest on top of his. She was--warm. He liked it. This wasn't something he did with women or even girls he labeled his pet but Y/n was different. He kissed the back of her neck softly and she moaned in her sleep. He'd wake her up in a few hours. Y/n's POV Well, Ju Kyung sure as hell gave you the business. He woke you up after an hour only to go after you again. He spent most of his time with you turned around and you in the doggy position. His lips kissed your back. He'd become obsessed with the scar. You told him you had secrets. That scar wasn't even the worst of them. It wasn't even the worst moment. You don't know why you put up with it for so long but you did. He was the worst one. You couldn't even think about him. Ju Kyung had you in bed all day, any energy he had, had been used up by the time the sunset. He held onto you all night. He got closer each time he was done. The last position of that night he had pressed you against his body and wrapped his arms around you. He spooned with you and his hand held onto your breast. He had so much stamina, you didn't understand why he held back so much. He told you this was a sexual relationship but he was holding back and you think you were starting to understand why... Ju Kyung wanted to do things to you that you hadn't exactly consented to. The few punishments he had listed out were things you accepted. You couldn't completely get rid of the punishments other wise it would defeat the purpose. Ju Kyung liked control, he liked power and you were starting to piece that together. Over the next few days and then into the next week Ju Kyung was exercising his control over you as much as possible when you were Velvet. Despite having two personalities, Ju Kyung was in full control over himself except when it came to you. When you were Velvet, it gave him the full right to issue orders and you were to obey. Obedience was key and very important in this whole pet play thing but to Ju Kyung it meant whether he could hurt you or reward you. He kept Queen and Hyunsu's girls away from you and kept you secluded. Only you and him. This way he could focus on your training. He could focus on making you his perfect pet. The trouble was that you weren't the perfect pet. He had to discipline you a few times but he didn't get to punish you just yet and because he couldn't punish you he refrained from touching you. Punishment was Ju Kyung's outlet. It was a way for him to relieve stress that sex wouldn't do. It turned him on to be in power and to have someone beneath him. He loved the idea of you helpless, unable to move and with no other choice than to obey him. He loved absolute control. This was why his master mode was like his business personality. They were literally the same thing. Ju Kyung got where he was in business by learning not to be kind. He had to be ruthless. He would mind his manners but at his age he was very successful and he only got that way by being ruthless. There were no cut cards with him, there was no sensitivity with him in business. Either you listened or no business. He was convincing and, despite his upbringing, he was intelligent. Ju Kyung cut off most of his feelings so when it came to you he was conflicted. You were now understanding why. He cared about you, you two were best friends and he said he craved you. For Ju Kyung, craving a woman even one close to him was nothing but he knew a lot about you. He knew you weren't the type to obey, you weren't the type to submit well and you had proven him right during these two weeks of pet play. You weren't so easily tamed. That was what he was looking for, a reason to punish but you weren't giving it to him. Disciplining yes but true punishment you hadn't given him. He cared about you so much and he'd known from your past boyfriends, at least the ones you talked about, that you had a hard time committing to someone, you had a hard time opening up to someone, you had a hard time dealing with your emotions and above all, the most important thing, he knew you had been hurt. Unbearably hurt in more than just emotional ways. He knew you were just as fucked up as him. You two knew each other well, you liked each other enough and understood each others pain that it made sense that you two could click. He said something about making the experience better. He wasn't connected with his other pets but off the bat he was connected with you. So in reality, he needed you but Ju Kyung always had an urge to protect you. Even if he wouldn't admit it, he did. He protected you against the boyfriends that broke your heart, he watched after you when you got drunk, he looked out for you. His need to protect you was combating with his craving to punish you. Ju Kyung was starving. Sex alone wasn't enough, he needed control. He needed that power, it was his security. He said he was a monster, he wanted you to give him more leeway. He wanted you to let him hurt you but he needed you to restrict him. There was only so much he could do to you because he feared if he was allowed to do everything you'd hate him. A small amount of you liked pain, when you were younger, you didn't mind being a masochist. Still you had a limit, your pain tolerance wasn't as high as it used to be. After all your fucked up relationships, you'd think you'd gain resistance but all it did was make you hate pain. You didn't necessarily hate men but there was a reason sex was just sex to you. There was a reason you didn't care who you slept with. Making love had more emotion to it but you just liked the softness and the sensuality of it all. It was a change from just being fucked. With Ju Kyung so agitated that day, making love was what you needed because he would've wrecked your body if you let him take you. He was a hard lover but you felt closer to him now. You honestly liked knowing this other side of him because that meant you knew him more. There was some strange feeling rising in you that you hadn't felt before. You were attracted to Ju Kyung and his goofy idiot smile. There was something more than attraction arising in you though... It was Saturday and Ju Kyung told you to be ready in the black bunny outfit for the club tonight. He had a specific request for your make up today too. He wanted black eyeliner, red lipstick and he wanted mascara, non water proof. You knew why. He was walking you through the club. You followed behind him as he got to the room with all the punishing tools. You happened to look to the side and see a pet owner stepping on his pets back. There was a woman slapping her pet in the face in the corner, something you could see Queen doing. You kept reminding yourself that it was all done with consent but it still looked like abuse to you. Others were using whips and other devices on their pets. It was oddly crowded today. "Is there something going on?" You asked Ju Kyung. He looked back to you and said, "Focus on yourself right now." You nodded. You two reached the back door to the room he wanted you in. You had given him permission to do this just yesterday.... Since you two had spent that one day in bed he had to reschedule your request for dinner. You changed it to go out to the amusement park. There you got the real Ju Kyung back. At least the Ju Kyung you knew so well. You two had fun and laughed and for a while. You two didn't speak about your pet, Master relationship or your contract. The moment he got you in his car he kissed you. It was the kind of kiss like he'd been waiting too long for it, like he was going to eat you in the car at that moment. All he wanted was your lips but he wanted to taste you. It was so heated, his tongue taking over yours and him stealing breath from you. His hand had slid to the back of your head to push you into his mouth harder and then leaned down on you to make his dominance even more present. He had your heart racing, your lips swollen and you panting. When you asked him what that was for, he just said he wanted to kiss you. Something told you he wasn't even sure why he had done it either. He decided to take you to dinner anyway. The same place where he first brought up this whole pet thing. He got a private room again and you already figured he was going to bring it up. "I want to renegotiate the contract." Ju Kyung said. "Renegotiate? Why?" "It's hard for me to touch you but I want to. I want to touch you more than I am. I thought I could with what we agreed but I can't." "What do you mean? I'm always good to go you of all people know that." You said. "I can't touch you often with what we agreed to." "Because you want to punish me?" You asked. He nodded. "What if I just act up from time to time so you can get it out?" You suggested. "No, it breaks your training. I have to be consistent. What I want to do is keep your punishments the same but I want to add certain things into our play mode." He said. "Like what?" "Chaining you up, handcuffs, blindfolds, whips, belts and rope." He said. "All at once? That's one productive day." You said sarcastically. "Y/n." He said looking at you with dark eyes. You smiled, "Sorry." He looked down at his food while he continued to eat. You sighed, "You know I hate you." He looked up at you with a confused expression. "I really do sometimes. I think someone like you I'd do anything for and I don't even know why. I think that's too much power for someone to have over me and now I'm you're pet so I have to be extra obedient. I'm a bunny that isn't looking to be tamed. Still I like sex and I'm damn eager to get more of you inside me." You grinned at him. He settled seeing you smile which made you smile bigger. That was the first time he settled for you. You telling him you hated him got him all shook up. You couldn't really hate his stupid ass, he pissed you off sometimes but you liked him too much. "I'll add girls to make it better for you." he said. "You'll give me playmates? That's considerate." "You don't want them?" "Why do you insist I like girls so much? Ju Ju I already have a vagina it's not like it's anything exciting to me. I mean yes women are nice but they're not any more exotic than men." "You can only have women, no men unless I'm okay with it." He said. "Well am I ever gonna have sex with a man because you're not touching me either." "I want to, that's why I'm re-discussing this." He said. You sighed, "Alright, alright. So you get to torture me some and every now and again you bring woman in for a little naughty play time just don't make it a regular thing, okay? I can only really handle women when I'm drunk." "You handled Queen and the pups well and the cat show got you excited." "Anything sexual gets me excited. It's sex! I love it! Besides, Queen happened because I was upset at you for kissing her and the girls was just a perfect opportunity because I was horny." "You were upset I kissed Queen?" He smiled almost like he was flattered. "Well yeah, I mean if I'm your pet shouldn't you only want me? I know you're the master and whatever but even if its just sex aren't we bound to each other? If it was another pet then I wouldn't have room to complain but why her? You even licked her." You said bummed out. He chuckled, "I did that as payback for you not listening to me. There's nothing going on between me and Queen. Y/n look at me." Your chin was resting in the hand of the arm you had propped up on the table. You were looking at the wall as he talked but when he wanted your attention your looked back at him. "I won't kiss her again." He said. You smiled, "Promise?" "Promise." "Fine, then do whatever you want to me." You said. He gave you a slightly serious look again. "You need to restrict me Y/n. You won't like me if I do everything. You don't know how bad get." "Show me. I want to know how bad you get." You said. "With all your past relationships you really want to go down that road with me? I sometimes forget myself." "Well I haven't forgotten you. I know who you are. Besides if there's anything I don't like I have the safe word and if I can't do it any more than I'll end the contract. Seriously, we're not even a month in. Make my four months worth while." "I want you to come back to me." "Then don't hold back from me." "It's dangerous." "Like I said Ju Kyung. I've dated the devil. Your fucked up doesn't even compare to his." "Is the devil the one that gave you the scar?" He asked. "He gave me more than that." You said. He looked at you oddly for a moment, "He was the one that made you miscarry?" He asked. You nodded silently. "Ju Kyung I've been dragged through the gates of hell. It took him to get tired of me to get away from him. In this situation, if I want to leave I can and I don't yet so just do what you want. I know say I'm not a masochist but based on my history with men that seems to be a lie. The way I see it, as long as I get to have sex with you, chains and whips aren't a big deal. They're exciting." You said before sipping your wine. "If we ended the contract would you still be my friend?" He asked. "Of course, who else am I going to bitch to and drink with? Jay and Cha Cha are my oldest friends out of the group and even they don't know half the stuff you do." You said. "I might make you cry again." He said. "That's okay, I'm used to it." He looked unsure but he wanted you and you wanted him and anything that got him to fuck you without breaking you in half was fine with you.... You two entered the red room. This one was different than the others. There was a black table in the middle of the room and there were chains hanging from the ceiling. A few different whips were hanging on a shelf along with, floggers, whips, spanking tools and belts of different sizes, lengths and colors. There was a small dresser, you wondered if gags and masks were in there. There was a sex toy machine in the corner, one that was connected to a rod and would ram into you at any speed. A chair in the corner had binds for your wrists, ankles and neck. There was a wide full body mirror on the wall next to the Saint Andrew's cross that had binds on it. "This is my preferred playroom." He said. You looked around at everything, this place was more like a pain room. Still you agreed to it, you wanted to see it. How bad he could get and then you'd find out if you could keep doing this. "I'll start out simple. Lay on the table Velvet." He said. You walked over and crawled on the table and sat up. You watched as he walked over to a drawer and pulled out a hair tie. "Take your suit off, even your shoes and the ears. Only leave your collar on." He said. You nodded and began to strip yourself. He placed your shoes by the door and then came back and placed your suit and ears on the dresser. He gave you the hair tie, "Put your hair up." He said. You did as he asked and while you did that. He wrapped the cuffs on the table around your ankles. Your legs were parted and meant to be kept open just like that. He came up by your head and cuffed your wrists in the same table ties as your ankles. Your arms now had restricted movement. There was a small table and chair in the room and you saw him take off his suit jacket and toss it on the chair. He unbuttoned his cuffs to roll up his sleeves and reveal those sexy tattoos. He grabbed the flogger hanging next to the whips and belts. He slowly made his way over to you and his hand met your ankle and smoothly traveled up your leg as he walked up to your head. He leaned over your head grasping your breast in one hand and licking your nipple. He placed a few kisses down the side and going up and over to the other breast again he kissed and licked your nipple before he came to your lips and kissed you upside down. You let out a light moan, "What's you're safe word?" "Cotton." You answered. "You can find pleasure in pain too Velvet. This isn't just for me. There are pets that don't mind eating from a bowl on the floor or being humiliated. I don't need that from you, I simply want you to let me play with your body. Let me punish you." He said. "Yes Master." You said softly. He walked back down to where your feet were but this time on the other side. "If it's too much say your word. Don't hold back for me." He said. You nodded. "Yes Master." You said. You saw him swallow and he took the flogger and gently ran it up your leg. There was a soft tingle that made you breath in softly. He brought it up to your breasts and softly ran it back down your body to your thigh. The soft sensation left you and you opened your eyes to see him correcting his stance. His wrist moved in a figure eight motion, the flogger struck your thigh repeatedly making you moan softly. You licked your lips as he moved it over to your opposite thigh and then back to the thigh he was by. It wasn't a bad pain even when he started to flick the flogger against your thigh. He found just the right angle to hit you and you kept thinking it wasn't bad. It wasn't as bad as he was making it seem. He held the tips and brought his hand down striking a specific place each time. He looked hard in the face, you wondered if he was feeling anything at all. He placed the flogger down and went to the drawers. He pulled out a lubricant and sex toy. He lubed it up and what you thought was going in your heat was introduced to your ass. Your breath hitched and your arms jerked against the ties as he slowly pushed it inside of you. You moaned out loud and looked at him once he stopped moving it. You wondered why. He sat there looking at it though, like it was the perfect sight he'd ever seen. He took out another toy and placed it inside your heat. He turned the vibration up to a medium and you started to moan loudly. Your back arched a bit and your waist wiggled. He watched you squirm for a moment before his fingers came to your clit, "If you want to cum you need to ask for permission." He said. You were still reacting to the vibration and he pushed on your clit then pinched your nub to make you cry out. "Did you hear me Velvet?" "Yes Master." You moaned. "Good girl." He walked away from you and you saw him looking at the belts and then the shelf below. While you were moaning, he was picking his next tool. This was where you realized he'd introduce you to pain. Now it was up to you to find the pleasure in it....
that chapter was already super long πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
what would you do if duckie read this
ask him if he wants fuck
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