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So, first off, like all of my other cards, I am so sorry that this card is so late. I wanted to upload gifs, and my phone doesn't upload on the Vingle app for some reason, and I didn't have access to a working computer until just now.
Wooseok is literally so adorable in these gifs!!! Gosh, I love this boy
He looks so freaking cute, yet incredibly sexy at the same time with that lip ring! Also, the second gif was just where it was definitely confirmed that this man(still a maknae though) was my bias.
If he looked at me like this, I would most than likely die. Not even joking. I mean, I slightly die every time I watch this gif.
Some more cute gifs of Wooseok! By the way, all of these gifs were taken off of tumblr! I take absolutely no credit all and full credit goes to the creators of the gifs!
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