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Morning everyone~

This entry is a little short but I hope you all enjoy it nonetheless!^^

Need a recap? Or new to the story? I gotchu~

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WARNING: There is some mild language. Not too bad but I just wanted to give a heads up!


I was right. I didn't hear him wrong.
Man, I thought he was kidding. Like, come on, really? Me?
He must be out of his mind.
Like who the freak would invite me to go to an amusement park with them!!
Hell no man. Roller coasters scare the crap out of me. I will scream the whole time and throw-up in my friend's lap.
Nopety nope nope. No way Diary.
But, after I asked to for clarification, he was so determined to make me go. It was like a do or die situation. It was like if I didn't go the world would collapse and he would explode. So, still feeling bad after everything, I agreed to go with him on Monday (so two days away).
Gross. I can feel the three dollar hot dog coming up already.
Maybe I can talk him into just letting me watch him ride the rides or go on the ones that are so easy, even a baby loves them.
Why did he ask me to go you ask? No idea. Maybe he just wants to hang out with each other more and I am all up for that. Whatever I can do to get away from devil incarnate and have some fun.
However, one thing that makes this all better is that the whole group will be there. All of them - including the bae.
I mean, how much better can it get than that? My favorite group, my crush, and my friend all rolled into one day? And not on accident?
Now, I just need to make sure IU doesn't find out and I will be fine. I will be golden. I mean she hasn't found out so far so whats a few more days?
If only I could make time go faster Diary.
If only.

Will IU find out?

And what will happen at the amusement park?! ;)

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Oooooo exciting!! I wish I could go to the amusement park with B.A.P!!!! 😣😣 But I have a feeling IU will find out and end up going with them 😝😝 Laaaame!! That better not happen...
The bae I love that part
I have a theory. I'm thinking IU will not know about it until MUCH later and I can totally see Arya standing in the waiting area while BAP go on crazy thrill rides, but it's hard to imagine her puking. Overall, great fanfic! I like it so far!