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My favorite male character would be Sasuke Uchiha. I really don't care what people say about him, because to me he is one of the greatest Shinobi. When his goals are set he won't let anything get in his way just like Naruto. That's why he's my favorite. Also he always keeps calm during battles. Another thing I like about him is that whenever he shows up anywhere people are always surprised to see him and people start to talk about him . Since he is not seen very much by people and when they recognize he is the last Uchiha, rogue ninja from the hidden leaf, disciple of orochimaru one of the sannin, also rouge ninja, and that he attacked the kage summit becoming an international criminal, as well as stopping the 4th shinobi war, well they get surprised.
For anyone else trying to do the 30 day Naruto challenge here is is ! If you decide to do it don't forget to tag me ! Tagging the Naruto Mod. Team: @Taylor18920 @LuffyNewman @Leolaring @SimplyAwkward @ProphecyChild1 @FlotiNMusiCNotE @OtakuDemon10
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Sasuke is my favorite naruto character and favorite anime character in general.