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Chapter 5

The Man in the Shadows

I quickly got up and tackled her down just in time. The bullet missed her head and hit a framed picture hanging from the wall making it fall down in pieces. The shattering glass was all that could be heard as I hit hard the floor of the living room protecting her with my body. I pulled my 9mm and shot at the window, knowing fully well that it was useless. At least this would give us a chance to hide behind the love seat overlooking the window. "What's going on!?" She screamed in a panic covering her hears. All that could be heard now was her screams mixed with the sound of bullets hitting the love seat we were both behind hunching down. "Damn!" I said crouching next to her. "Are you okay?" I asked her. She assented yes and I could see the fear in her eyes. Her whole body was shaking. I hated myself for seeing her like this and I felt a rage surging through me that I had never felt before. I swore to myself that I would make them pay. Whoever put her through this, I will find them and make them pay. "I was hoping I had more time." I said out loud. "We need to get out of here." I said looking at her. "How?" She asked. "By the type of riffle he is using, and by my count, he only has two shots left. All we have to do is trick him into using them. That'll give us a small window to run for the door." "Well, that sounds easy," she said sarcastically. "Don't worry, I'll make sure he uses them." I assured her pressing her hand. "When I tell you to run, you run." "Okay." I took a deep breath and turned to face the window. I took a quick peek over the love seat, making sure he saw my exposed head. As I had planned, he quickly shot me missing me by a hair as a crouched down again. "Get ready!" I instructed her. My heart was beating so fast but the adrenaline pumping through my body was in full control. I had this one last chance to get us out of here and I wasn't gonna waste. "Go!" I screamed as I lifted my head and made him shoot his last round missing both me and her. I followed behind her and we barely made it through the door when a bullet struck right above my head hitting the door. Once in the hallway, I grabbed her face and I checked if she wasn't hurt. "Y/N, are you hurt?" "No, I'm fine," she said trembling, tears finally running down her cheeks. "Who the fuck was that!?" She asked me, clearly pissed. "I'm not sure yet." I said "And I know you're pissed but right now we don't have the luxury to stay here. We gotta keep moving." "Damn it!" She exclaimed knowing full well that I was right. "You owe a huge explanation, Seung Hyun! Where do we go?" "I have my car parked outside. We gotta make a run for it." Carefully, we went outside. I surveyed the area close to my car and I couldn't see signs of the shooter near the area. It seemed he hadn't found us yet. "Let's go, Y/N" I urged. We walked towards the car watching carefully for any suspicious person. I pressed the car's remote to unlock the doors once we were close to it. When we were two feet from the car a bullet went flying next to us. Hitting the window of the car parked next to mine. I raised my gun and took a few shots in the direction the shooting was coming from giving us time to reach my car and cover under it. My black Mercedes was built to withstand bullets so for now it was a good cover. "Y/N get in the car! The doors are unlocked." I said returning fire with the assailant. "Yes." She said quickly opening the driver's door and sliding her way into the passenger's seat. I changed the magazine of my gun and shot a couple more times. I could see the silhouette of the shooter hiding behind the building but I couldn't make who it was. I finally got in the car and immediately turned it on. "Y/N? Seat belt." As soon as she fastened her seat belt, I reversed the car backwards at lighting speed. We could hear the bullets hitting the car but making only scratches. I was about to drive off when I finally saw the shooter in the view of my back rear mirror. He kept shooting to the back to my car with no success. "The player?" I smiled, "Better luck next time, lover boy."

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