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It's Man Crush Monday time again, and this week's theme is harem!

Tbh, I don't believe I have watched an honest to god harem anime yet... But I'll do my best! Therefore, this week's man crush is...

Bell Cranel - Danmachi

Because the full title is just too long! Not technically a harem anime, but that was Bell's initial plan, so close enough, right? Bell is the adorable sole member of Hestia's familia who, following his grandfather's advice, became an adventurer to pick up chicks! Things were slow-going until he acquired Liaris Freese, a skill which causes fast growth as long as his feelings last. He cares deeply for those around him and wants to become stronger! He's so innocent and awkward and precious, I just love him!
@biancadanica98 yeah, I think Ouran is the only one I've seen that's technically classified harem πŸ˜…
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@OtakuDemon10 OK thanks!
What would anime be without a few characters to fall in with the Protagonist in a way that they could be close enough to a harem without actually doing anything harem related?
I think I've only seen 1 harem but I've seen a few reverse harem. πŸ˜‚