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This weeks theme is to pick 3 or 4 places we would like to go on vacation with our member! I picked four unique places I think Tae would enjoy since he loves Unique and different things!
The first place I instantly thought of was the stone hinge since it is a wonder of the world and so amazing! I think he would enjoy the charm of it!
The second place I thought of was the body museum in Atlanta, Georgia! It is a place I have never been and it really is something different! I was thinking he might like its uniqueness! So we will get dressed up for it and make a night out of it!
The next place I thought of was Chicago. I know he has been here before, but has he done and seen what the whole city has to offer? It is full of diversity and I would love to take on Chicago with Taehyung!
My last idea was a trip to the Leaning Tower of Pisa! I mean no explanations just look at it he will love it!!
I hope you enjoyed this! What are some places you think V would love? Comment below!
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