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A little restaurant with friendly chatter filled the air as you sat across from Dongwoo. He gently looked across at you and your shorts and your jacket as your shoes gently brushed his. He smiled and looked at his hands that played with each other on the table as your fingers picked our nail polish off of your nails.
You have known him for a while as you grew up together but didn’t hang around each other, you just happened to be in the same group of friends. He had asked you a couple of months ago to go out with him for the first time. You were skeptical of him at first but then you found that you couldn’t have fun without him. Planes flew low overhead as some distant screams were heard. Dongwoo looked around as he was trying to find the source. You looked up at his face as you studied his facial features. He was worried, scared, and concerned.
“We need to get out of here” He said as he took your hand in his and pulled you from the table. A group of people formed in the street moving like a school of fish as low flying planes and bullets surged over head. Both of you were being pushed and pulled through the crowd as screaming and rush filled the air. Dongwoo pulled you into an empty alleyway as you rested up against the wall as you both caught your breath.
“I think if we can get to the subway we will be ok” Dongwoo said in between his gasping breath. He looked into your eyes as you nodded knowing that he knew your only bet at surviving. A plane flew and rammed into a nearby building. The blast caused Dongwoo to cover you and wrapped your head in his arms as he held you close to his body. The debris rained down on the crowds as they all rushed for shelter. Smoke began to fill the sky as he gently released your head from his grasp. His hands rested on your cheeks as he wiped away your hair from your face. He held your face in his hands as he looked into your eyes.
“I know you are scared but we have to move. It is the only way” He said in a comforting voice as you reached up and moved his hands from your face into your hands.
“Ok, I will follow you” You shakily said as he squeezed your hand in conformation. He ran his hands through your hair once more before he looked out to the crowd to try and find an opening for the both of you. He pulled you out into the flood of people. You followed him both held together by your hands as he pulled you though the masses of people.
Pushing and shoving gently pulled you both apart as your heart began to hurt and burn; people pushed you as you tried to slow down. You gasped as your face hit the cold pavement. People began to walk on you as they rushed to get out. A couple more planes constantly flew over as debris constantly fell from the building. You curled up into a ball as people kicked and hit you in various places.
“Dongwoo! Dongwoo!” You called hoping that he would hear your weak plea for help.
Dongwoo called as he heard his name faintly. He looked at his hand that held another person’s hand as he mistaken it for yours.
“______! Where are you _______?!” You heard your name faintly as more people leaped over you. Everyone ran towards the subway as one man made his way against the current of people. Your weak state began to wear on you as you saw what looked like Dongwoo coming towards you. Your head fell against your hands as someone’s hands landed on your side turning you over to your back. He hovered over you looking at you, checking you over.
“I don’t think that I can make it Dongwoo” You began to say as your weak voice became quieter. Tears fell down the sides of your face as his hand snaked behind your head.
“No, we are going to make it. We can’t give up” Dongwoo said as he tried to pull you up.
Just to let you back down against the concrete. More tears fell from your eyes as more bullets whizzed overhead. Your hand moved up to his neck as you played with the hem of his shirt. He laid down on the ground next to you, moving you closer to him.
“What are you doing?” You asked Dongwoo as he looked into your eyes with new tears that rimmed his eyes.
“I am not leaving you” His broken voice hit you as he wrapped his arms tighter around you.
“Please just go and leave me.” You pleaded as you tried to squirm out of his grip.
“I can’t go” Dongwoo said as his face moved closer to yours
“Why not?” You said with one last attempt to make him leave you. His head fell into your shoulder as his warm breath gently grazed your ear.
“If I leave you, you will die and I will live but my love will die with you. If I stay here I will die too. Either way I will die so I choose to die with you” His arms wrapped around you as the bombings and the commotion faded as he and you held each other awaiting the end.
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is this a series or one shots? cause i wanna read them all!
they are just one shots, I have more to upload too. thank you! I look forward to your comments!