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The darkness enveloped both of you slowly as you walked into the living room. Dongwoo wasn’t home yet from practice and you couldn’t sleep with the little one inside of you kicking you every couple of minutes. Situating yourself on the couch you pulled a blanket over your large stomach. Resting your head on the side of the couch, you turned on the tv as you watched the music network review INFINITE’s new music video that was going to be released. Your eyes began to slowly weigh you down, you slowly released your grip on consciousness as INFINITE’s songs began to play softly.
The door opened as the light from the outside seeped into the small apartment. Slipping the jacket from his arms, his bag fell to the ground as he walked to the kitchen, he pulled out a bottle of water chugging it from the hard work out. His veins protruded from his arms as he rested himself against the counter. His attention shifted to the tv as he saw INFINITE’s music videos playing. Walking over to the tv he turned it off, turning around to find you asleep on the couch. Your hand was on your stomach as your other hand steadied your head. A smile melted onto Dongwoo’s face as he walked over to you. Your eyebrows furrowed together as a whimper released from your lips. His fingers trailed down your arm to your fingers as he intertwined them with his. Placing a sweet kiss on your forehead he removed the blanket from your body and lifted you up, walking you to the bedroom. Slipping you into bed he followed you soon after he took a shower and changed into some solid black pants. Wrapping his arms around you and his baby he fell asleep with you in his arms.
Your eyes flashed open as you sat up quickly, your breathing was labored. Glancing to
Dongwoo sleeping next to you, you slowed your breathing as best as you could. Watching Dongwoo sleep made you feel relaxed when a sharp pain came from your lower back. You tried to rub it yourself but it didn’t seem to do any good.
The movement on the mattress and the shifting on the weight gently woke up Dongwoo as he heard some light whimpering from you. He sat up leaning on one of his arms as his other hand rubbed your back.
“You ok?” He asked as his head gently rested on your shoulder. Your hands gripped the edge of the comforter squeezing it with all of your might, you nodded your head, lying just to make him feel better. He watched your figure as he saw some beads of sweat come from your forehead. “Let me go get you something, jagi.” With that he left the room. He came back a couple minutes later with a glass of water and some pills that cradled in his palm.
“These will help you.” He rolled the pills into your hand as you placed them on your tongue. Gulping down some water the little pills slid down your throat as you thanked him. He placed the empty glass on the table beside you, slipping next to you on the bed.
“Can I do anything else to help you?” His hands moved over your shoulders as your head nodded subconsciously. Your hand moved to your back as he smiled. Moving his hands down to your lower back, you grabbed a pillow and leaned on it stretching your muscles.
His hands meticulously moved your muscles relaxing them as you moaned out of relaxation. The heavenly tension that he gave you was what you needed. He massaged your whole back relaxing you to the point where you were falling asleep. Swaying in all directions he giggled at you. Falling back into his arms, you were fast asleep. He kissed your cheek and set you down gently against your pillow. Moving close to you with the baby between you two, his hand rested on your stomach as his other hand played with
your hair.
“My babies” Kissing your lips gently he then moved down to your stomach, kissing his baby goodnight as well. Holding onto you close as you snuggled into his body. “Sleep tight my little family.”
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