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“Munhee, Kyobuk time to go!” You called from the kitchen as you situated Kami in her carrier. Gathering all of the bags around you, your little three year old twin boys came bounding around the corner from their shared room.
“Ready Mommy!” Munhee said as he helped you with some of your bags that he could carry.
“Me too, Mommy!” Kyobuk said as he helped his brother with the bags. Walking with the carrier over your arm you closed the door to your house as you walked to the car. The boys put the luggage in the back as they climbed into their seats and buckled themselves in. Strapping Kami’s car seat in as well, you got in and turned on the car.
“Mommy? Can we play Daddy’s music?” Kyobuk said as he pouted so that he could listen. With a smile on your face you turned on Infinite’s latest album as you watched your two little boys in the back dancing as your little girl moved her legs and arms in her carrier trying to dance too.
Pulling into the parking lot, your little dancers finished dancing to the song, then you hoped out and your little boys carried the bags and you carried Kami. The boys stayed close to you as you walked into the big building.
“Ah! It is good to see you again, ______. With the whole gang too.” The receptionist, Mae, said as she leaned over her desk to see the two little boys.
“It is good to see you again Mae. I was just wondering if I could find out room Jang Donwoo is in, please.” You said as your kids hid behind your legs.
“Sure.” She sat back in her seat as she typed on the computer, “He should be on the third floor, room 2B.” She stood up again as you nodded, “Here is a little something for the both of you.” She handed the twins suckers as they both traded flavors between them as you thanked her and walked to the elevator.
Entering into the elevator the twins dropped the bags and clung to both of your legs as you lit up the third floor button. hugging your legs tight you just smiled and made sure that they were ok. Kami had started to fall asleep as the ding from the door and the opening made the boys let go of your leg and grab their bags.
The boys trotted up along side your large strides as you looked for the room 2B. Finding it you called your little boys to your side as you looked in through the window to see Dongwoo dancing to Destiny. Hearing the muffled song outside of the door the boys bounced up and down wanting to go in. The song dimmed down as you put your hand on the handle and turned it as Dongwoo looked up at the opening door.
“Daddy! Daddy!” The twins called as they dropped the bags inside and ran to their Dad. He picks them up as you come in and put Kami on the couch. Dongwoo walks over to you.
“What are you doing here?” Dongwoo says as his eyes get wide.
“I thought that you could help me out by watching the twins while I got to the check up with Kami.” You tried to explain. He let out a sigh as he let down the twins.
“This is a closed practice.” He says as his hands get placed on your arms.
“Please~” You kissed his cheek gently. He let out a sigh.
“How long will you be gone?” He said as you smiled.
“Just a couple hours.” You smiled as you pecked his lips sweetly. He nodded as he then moved to the carrier where he lifted the blanket to see the sleeping Kami.
“Let me know how it goes ok?” Dongwoo’s fingers gently play with her hand as his other fingers stroke her cheek as a faint gummy smile curls onto her face.
“I will” You then looked from the sweet sight as you saw the twins playing hide and go seek as you called them over. “Boys, now listen to Daddy and what he has to say ok?”
You kissed them both as you gave Dongwoo a hug. Picking up Kami’s bags and carrier as you waved to your kids and to Dongwoo before leaving the room.
“So boys, what do you want to learn. Daddy will teach you anything.” Dongwoo knelt down as he looked at both of them.
“Daddy…” Kyobuk started, but couldn’t finish.
“C-can you teach us how to dance?” Munhee finished as Dongwoo beamed happily.
“I would love to.” He rubbed both of their heads, “How about Special Girl. Mommy likes that one and Kami is a Special Girl too.” The two boys smiled and nodded happily.
Dongwoo stands up and changes the song to something that they can learn to as he rejoins with them. “Here is the chorus’ dance first since it is the easiest.” He showed them slowly as the boys watched with deep concentration.
“You’re turn.” Dongwoo said as he watched each one making notes in his head to let them know what to improve on when they are finished.
“Munhee that was good, but your feet need to be a little sharper. Kyobuk your arms go like this.” He showed them what they needed to work on as they tried again. He increased his compliments as his twins got more exhausted with the passing time.
Running through the song one last time all together they finally got it perfect.
“Daddy, can you dance for us please?” Kyobuk said as Munhee climbed on the couch, laying down on their sides.
“Sounds great.” Dongwoo changed back to his work out as he turned down the volume so that the twins can rest.
Heading from the doctor’s equipped with good news you walked into the studio where Dongwoo was dancing. He didn’t see you come in as you saw the two twins sleeping on the couch. Gently moving them so that they can sleep more comfortably, putting a blanket of Kami’s under each of their head, you felt the vibration of the floor stop as this warm mass was close around you. Two warm arms wrapped around you.
“Hello, Mr. Jang.” You smile as your arms rest on his.
“Hello my beautiful wife.” His fingers wrapped in yours as he unwrapped you from his arms as he twirled you into his arms as light music played in the background. His gentle swaying and the beautiful music was so soothing to you, he danced with you so beautifully as his hands wrapped around your waist clasping at your lower back. Your hands snacked up his chest as you wrapped your arms around his neck as your head gently rested on his shoulder.
“How did the check up go?” Dongwoo’s soft deep voice called you from daydreaming as you smiled.
“Perfect, we have a perfect, healthy little baby girl.” You smiled as you saw your kids sleeping all together, his cheeks gently rested on the top of your head.
“We have perfect kids.” He said as you nodded. “The boys will have to show you what we
worked on today. You will love it.”
“I love anything you do.” You closed your eyes happily as he led you around the dance floor.
oh so gushy! and cute!
thank you!!! I love Daddy Woo