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The Dark

I fear the dark, the night, the black. The nothingness that haunts my eyes each time I blink or dream. And everytime I open them I get just a minute or so it seems. Some say that to fear the dark is unbecoming of a man such as myself, and that I should simply fear nothing as it's much better for my health. To which I reply don't you get it you simple mind how can you be so naive. Nothing is ALL I fear and such a fear will never leave. Because every fear has the same root cause just a simple fear of death, but what I fear is after we have taken final breaths. Much to the chagrin of those who hope for heavens pearlescent gates, hold your breath and close your eyes and see that oblivion waits. I've been told a time or two that my fear is much too stark, but I wasn't the one who asked me why I was still afraid of the dark.
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