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So me and my friend have these in our everyday lives. It just happens randomly whenever we text each other. Basically we just start using KPOP title songs in our sentences. This one conversation starts with this picture PART 1:
Friend- "Someone help Chanyeol" Me- "He's too tall. He needs to LAY down. HA" Friend- "HA. HUMOUR. FUNNY. THAT WAS GOOD." Me- *I send this reaction picture*
Friend- "XDD That picture cheers me up so much." Me- "It always cheers us up. *TWICE's song CHEER UP starts playing* NO WAIT I GOT THIS. At first we were like TT then we said CHEER UP BABEH CHEER UP BABEH and now we're like OOH AHH at all the memes." Friend- "Well I'd say I love you but someone might get the wrong idea because I'm MARRIED TO THE MUSIC." Me- "I can already hear the bells RING DING DONG DING DING DONG DING DINGADINGADING DING DING." Friend- You wanna FLY back to Korea with us?" Me- "That would SAVE ME." Friend- "I would HOPE so." Me- "But wouldn't that be BAD BAD BA BADA BAD GIRL? Wait let me fix this, I'm trying to get the lyrics correct by listening to it. Sorry. BAD BAD BA BADA BAD BAD GIRL*****." Friend- "No it shows your devotion, ME GUSTA." Me- "AYO." Friend- "Yeah you know my puns are VERY NICE." Me- "They call you BAEPSAE." Friend- "Yeah they be tryin to MAINTAIN but I be trying to CHANGE CHANGE." Me- "Shots fired, BANG BANG BANG." Friend- "Aw look now they're trying to be SHY SHY SHY." Me- "It's only because you're the DANCING QUEEN." Friend- "Nah man, I'm just a LOSER."
PART 2: Friend- "Let me tell you man, this romance novel is a WAR OF HORMONE." Me- "XDD We're in for some DANGER." Friend- "These 21ST CENTURY GIRLS man, I'm telling you." Me- "It would be PARADISE if we had a FIRETRUCK to take them away from here. Our options are not LIMITLESS. #triplekpopwhammy #NCT127." Friend- "*playing RUSSIAN ROULETTE because I need my MAMA*." Me- "SHALL WE DANCE because you're MY ONE AND ONLY HOMEGIRL." Friend- "MAYDAY that hit me in the feels." Me- "Was it JUST RIGHT because if it was, just remember IF YOU DO say yes I'll give you some FISH." Friend- "Well that would be VERY NICE of you." Me- "I guess you could call me the LUCKY ONE because I just hit the LOTTO and I've become a MONSTER because of it.........WHAT IS LOVE." Friend- "I don't know but just to be safe, try not to OVERDOSE because I heard it can be FANTASTIC BABY and it'll hit you like BOOMBOOM." Me- "Well I'll just say FXXK IT and have my LAST DANCE."
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you guys are magical for this. I love it ❤
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lol you're welcome
Oh my god this is the best.
I love having these conversations. It leaves me and my friend with a wonderful feeling after we've made our KPOP puns lol.
*Slow clap* Bravo! 👏😂💕
*bows aggressively* Thank you😁😂
this was absolutely perfect
I agree with Jungkook...sensational
It was JUST RIGHT and you are a 1 OF 1 GIRL and a BAE BAE for saying this comment. 😎😂