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Hello lovelies, Jasmyn here. I am back with another card for Yuto's birthday celebration and this card will be the first of many parts of my fanfic about him! It's a Yuyan (Yuto and Yanan) fanfic so there's the warning. If you feel uncomfortable then you can click away. I'm not forcing you to read my crappy fanfic (just thought I'd put that out there.) Anywho, let's go. THIS IS PART ONE!!!
This story is yet another clichéd story of how two people find love. The story begins at a college campus. Yuto walked into his new dorm room hoping to unpack in silence and fall right to sleep. He'd gotten to the college a week early so he could set up his dorm and have a week to get to know his way around the college before any of his classes start. Unfortunately when he arrived his roommate was there and greeted him with a lazy smile. Yuto, although he'd wanted to be alone, nodded and smiled politely (while hoping it didn't look like he was cringing). "Hi, I'm Kim Hyojong." "Adachi Yuto." "You don't talk very much, anyway my friend and his roommate are coming over. They should be here soon. I'm sorry, but I wasn't expecting you to show up so soon." "It's fine. I can stay out of your way if you need me to." "No, no! I want you to meet them! My friends are your friends." "Um, okay. Can I put my things in my room first?" "Oh, of course! Haha I forgot you just got here, our room is just past the kitchen and bathroom. Your bed is the one on the right." "Okay, thanks." Yuto followed the short brunette's instructions and entered a room that was filled with posters of Big bang and many SM artists like SHINee and Super Junior, even exo and SM's new boy group, NCT, made the wall. He was quite pleased with his roommates taste in music. He quickly threw his luggage on his bed and began unpacking his clothes. He folded them all nicely and put them away before he turned to his unmade bed. He pulled the sheets off of the bed and pulled his own out, then he quickly made the bed and brought all of his merch out (such as his collection of kpop albums and his lone NCT poster.) and started to make the room feel like his home, minus the fact that this was South Korea, not Japan. When he made it back to the living room he heard the door open and saw two males walk in. He greeted them politely and waited for Hyojong to introduce them (because he was too awkward to do it himself). "Hey guys! This is my roommate Yuto. Yuto these are my friends Hwitaek and Yanan." "Hello." "let's watch a movie guys! come on Yuto, and guys don't just stand in the doorway you know where everything is." The shorter of the two boys walked to the loveseat and sat down while the taller just stood in his place. Hyojong found the movie he'd wanted to watch and quickly popped it into the player before joining the short guy, Hwitaek, on the loveseat. "Just so you know, I'm really glad you're here because now I won't have to awkwardly third wheel." "They're dating?" "Yes." "Then I'm glad you're here too because if you weren't I'd have to awkwardly third wheel." The dark haired boy laughed quietly, his eyes disappearing behind his long lashes and his plump lips curling into a soft, small smile. "I'm Yanan by the way." "Yuto." The boy smiled again and gestured towards the couch. "Let's join them shall we?" "Okay." Yanan led the way to the couch and plopped down with Yuto sitting next to him. Yuto took the time to admire this boy with his dark hair and deep chocolate colored eyes. He was beautiful and Yuto could tell right away that he'd really like being friends with this person. "By the way, Yuto, we're watching a horror movie and Yanan over there is completely terrified of horror movies." "I am not!" "Yes you are." "Am not." "Okay, normally I wouldn't agree with Hyojong, but he's right." "You're just agreeing with him because he's your boyfriend!" "You may be right, but you have to admit it." "Never." "Whatever, the movie's about to start Yanan." "Shut up Hyojong." "Okay, sheesh!" Yuto chuckled at the argument before he was sent daggers by a very annoyed pretty boy. He threw his hands up in defense and quickly turned his face to the tv. Once the movie started Yanan visibly tensed in his seat before trying to scoot closer to Yuto. Yuto caught on to what he was doing quickly and laced his hand with Yanan's. In response, Yanan gave him a questioning look. "It looks like you're more scared than you let on. And you can scoot closer you know. I don't bite." "Thanks." "Mhm." About five minutes into the movie his hand was already dying from the iron grip Yanan had on it. He wanted to ask Yanan to let go, but the look on Yanan's face made him stop in his tracks. Yanan looked utterly terrified and, although it was cute, Yuto could tell that he was extremely uncomfortable with the choice of movie. He quickly untangled his now very dead hand from Yanan's and quickly wrapped his arms around Yanan's waist, pulling him closer. Yanan immediately wrapped his arms around Yuto and rested his head on Yuto's shoulder, turning his head to shield his eyes every time a jump scare occurred. Yuto took this time to again admire the boy. The glow from the tv gave off just enough light for Yuto to properly study his features. His hair looked darker, his lashes looked fuller, and his lips looked plumper. In an instant the boy looked like a child watching a scary movie for the first time in the sense that he still had that spark of innocence in his eyes when he watched the figures moving on the screen. There was a childlike behavior to him and it made him look more ethereal. Yuto had concluded two things from this movie experience: 1. Yanan was beautiful and he was totally falling for him and 2. He would under no circumstances tell Hyojong or Hwitaek that he has feelings for said boy. About halfway through the move Yanan intertwined his legs with Yuto's and cuddled up to him. He let a quick, quiet yawn slip passed his lips and rested is head on Yuto's shoulder. Yuto, sensing the boy's drowsiness, began running his hands through Yanan's hair and massaging his scalp in a comforting way until he felt Yanan's breaths come in long, slow and even puffs. When he figured he was asleep, Yuto dropped his hand from Yanan's hair, but he began rubbing circles on Yanan's hip (where his hand had rested since the moment he pulled Yanan closer). He looked over at Hyojong to see him and Hwitaek in a similar position, so he quickly flicked his eyes back to the tv in order to keep his mind from wandering. Yanan was scared, that was it. He was scared and Yuto comforted him. There was nothing else to it so he needed to stop thinking like there was more to this. He looked back at Yanan one last time before he felt his own eyes droop and he finally succumbed to sleep. ////// Yuto learned that there was a Yanan sleeping on him the hard way when he woke up. He opened his eyes when the uncomfortable light seeping through the window became too unbearable and when he tried to move he found he couldn't. When he looked down he found a very cute looking pouty Yanan cuddled up to him, his grip like iron. He tried to wiggle out of the grip, but it seemed that every time he moved Yanan would just squeeze tighter to get him to stay still. Yanan eventually woke up to find Yuto staring at him. He quickly pulled away and apologized for holding him so tightly. Yuto quickly chuckled off the apology. Hwitaek and Hyojong came out of the room around nine and they asked if Yuto and Yanan would like to join them for breakfast to which Yuto and Yanan quickly agreed. After Yuto changed and let Yanan borrow some of his clothes, that he refuses to admit look really good on Yanan, the boys quickly made it to the nearest place that serves breakfast. Hwitaek and Hyojong apologized multiple times when they told Yuto and Yanan that they'd have to share a meal because they could only afford the couple's discounted meals. Both boys shrugged and looked at the choices before choosing a couple's pancake meal that was shaped like a heart. Once they got their food, all four boys dug in. No words were spoken, only the sounds of chewing was heard between them. //////
Yes, that's it for now. I'm so sorry for this crappy stuffs. If you want me to stop with my terrible writing then comment below. I'm gonna try to post the rest tonight, but I have to finish it sorry. I'm in the middle of finishing the first of three chapterish things (this is like half maybe less of the first chapter, But like I didn't want to overwhelm you because the first chapter is over 4,000 words right now and I'm not even done with it.) To those who read this, can you maybe tell me what you think about it? That's it so chow for now and always remember: ~Stay Beautiful.
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