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Oh my gosh this brings back memories lol. who has watched Coffee break? lol it's an oldie but a goodie!! I haven't seen this is a long time and figured let's give it a go! it used to be my go to kdrama. So anyone who wants to see how well they remember this kdrama check out this quiz here!
out of 15 I got 8 right lol. guess I need to brush up on this drama a bit lol. how well did you all do?
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@biancadanica98 lol you remember the good parts tho I'm sure _😴😂 yes blood type I questioned when that actually came up, I had totally forgotten.
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i failed lol
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@SweetDuella Yes I remember all the good parts. I picked AB and it was B so I was like okay. It's the only drama I started for a 2nd time.
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I got 10 questions right.
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