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Hello lovelies, Jasmyn here. I'm back with part two of my Yuyan Fan Fiction! So let's go!
Yanan walked up to Hwitaek slowly and cautiously.
"Hwitaek, can I tell you something?"
"Sure! What is it Yanan?"
"I know we haven't known each other for that long, but I think I like Yuto."
"Yeah me too, he's nice."
"No, I mean I like Yuto."
"As in the way you like Hyojong."
" Oh my god, really?"
"Yes really."
Yanan's face quickly reddened as he became embarrassed.
"Shut up!"
"You're so cute, I swear!"
"Stop it."
"Awe, Yanan and Yuto sitting in a tree-"
"No, stop it."
"First comes love, then comes-"
"You're embarrassing me."
"Awe, you're embarrassed?"
"I wasn't until you started singing like an idiot."
"Awe, wait till I tell-"
"NO! You can't tell Hyojong!"
"And why can't I?"
"Because he's Yuto's roommate, duh!"
"So what?"
"Ugh, forget it."
"Hyojong guess what!"
"Yanan likes Yuto."
"Uh, duh. That's why they're friends."
"No, he likes Yuto."
"I don't understand."
"That's what I said and then he replied with 'the way you like Hyojong.'"
"You know what this means?"
"We have to be rude to them so they can get together."
"What's the plan?"
"And this is why I love you Hwitaek."
Yuto watched as Hyojong walked into the room and straight up to him.
"Hey, so like I have an idea."
"Why am I suddenly scared?"
"You should take Yanan out on a date."
"And why would I do that?"
"Because Yanan's a lonely boy. You're a lonely boy. I've noticed that you only look at boys. He only looks at boys. It's a perfect match."
"That's not how dating works."
"Just take him on one date so me and Hwitaek don't have to take him with us."
"You can always tell him you're going on a date you know."
"Then he'd be alone. C'mon I'll give you $20."
"Fine, I'll give you $50 but you have to take him on the most cliché date possible."
"Are you a chicken?"
"Then take him out."
That's it for now. Once again, comments are very much appreciated! Chow for now and always remember:
~Stay Beautiful.
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