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He looked nervous for some reason, as if he were afraid of hurting the slightest and smallest fly there was. I captured his every facial detail which depicted that of a very artistic masterpiece. A well and out-of-this-world masterpiece. My frowing face soon turned upside down and I was smiling at the cute boy in front of me. Although, he doesn't seem to be a boy after all knowing from a fact that he was actually older than me. I felt the need to hug him, to make him forget of the apology and just keep the hug going until our arms went numb and fall off. But I knew he had boundaries. Someone like Mark should be protected and taken care of despite the obvious truth of his self protection and care. I for once dwelled on my own conscience and refused to acknowledge my heart's needs. Yet, did I ever have a heartful need?. I don't think I ever did and even if I did I wouldn't be too keen on feeling compelled to fulfill it. It was a scary thought to think about, the idea that everything laying infront of me could easily be substituted for that which was Mark's very own self. I was interrupted by the sound of a cough. I look over to see the nervous man staring with big wide eyes right at my very own. We were like that for a few seconds but even at that short amount of time I was able to comprehend the complex details in his thoughts. He spoke: "I don't want you to feel as if I asked you to be here for just silence." He said and looked serious about it. "I know. And even if you did I would have enjoyed it.... that is if I get to look at that gorgeous face for a longer time of course. " I responded with basically no filter, not that I was planning on having any filter with Mark. The petite man looked away from me with a huge smile plastered on his face. It was something to surely die for. " Jackson I'm very sorry about slamming the door on your face. I know it was disrespectful of me to do that so I felt the need to apologize. So as my second apology I want you to hang out with me for a while. At least until It feel like my lonely apartment isn't so lonely anymore." I could hear the sadness in his voice. Mark is very alone, I don't want to be rude but I wonder if the guy even has friends. He describes his home as a pit waiting for centuries just to have someone fall into it. Or maybe a lone wolf wanting to make his very own pack. Mark kept smiling, reassuring me that he was okay and that nothing was wrong, but I could see through that soft smile. I want to make him feel like he has someone in his life that cares for him. Not just make him feel it but know and be sure of it without a doubt. " That sounds like a plan Mark Tuan and I shall accept it but first we should make some food... or would you rather we order some take out." "Whatever you want it to be. This is my apology to you anyways." He smiled "Then cooking it is. I'd like to see the gorgeous Mark work in the kitchen with me so let's see what we can make. Hmm, would you prefer pasta or ramen noodles." I suggested while at the same time caressing my chin, pretending that a long beard was located on it. " Pasta sounds better than the food I have basically everyday of my life. It's like my whole existence has revolved around noodles and some day I could become just like one, but without taste." " Aren't plain noodles already tasteless though, because all you can really taste is the flour. Not an actual flavor." I stated with crystal clear smirk. " Apparently noodles do have a taste if you can taste the flour. I just said that I would be tasteless because I wouldn't be that edible since I was once human and humans can be very umpleasant creatures." He wasn't wrong though. The way his words left his mouth sounded as if he wanted to scream at every umpleasant human being he's ever met. That including everyone of his exes. I suddenly, again, felt the urge to hug him but again I refrained and stayed on my spot just smiling at him while still listening to him rant about noodles and how some have taste and some don't. He'd be one tasty noodle if I do say so myself. SCHOOL WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME!!!!! We took a 56 question test today for World Cultures and we didn't even know we were taking one!
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Omg!!! Thanks for keeping me tagged I enjoyed reading the fanfic too