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Hello lovelies, Jasmyn here back with part three of my Yuyan fanfic! Isn't he just a cutie though??? Okay, let's go!
"Where are we going?"
"You'll see."
"I don't like this."
A few minutes later Yuto and Yanan arrived at the Amusement park. He watches as Yanan's eyes light up brighter than the Ferris Wheel.
"Where do you want to go first."
"Anywhere but a rollercoaster. I hate those things."
"Awe, do you?"
"Shut up and come on."
Yuto and Yanan walked around the amusement park aimlessly. Yuto followed Yanan everywhere and rode all of the rides he wanted to ride, and to make sure that they didn't lose each other they firmly held each other's hands. Yuto was now getting exhausted, after running around the park for three hours, and he wanted nothing more than to sit down but Yanan wanted cotton candy and the look on his face when Yuto promised him they'd get cotton candy almost entirely wiped the exhaustion right out of him. Almost. They ended up walking around the park for another thirty minutes just trying to find the cotton candy vendor so Yanan could have some cotton candy.
"You wanna share with me?"
"No, it's yours."
"You bought it Yuto."
"So share it with me."
Yuto led Yanan to a little bench in one of the many corners of the park and they quickly sat down and began to eat the sugary treat (and give Yuto the break he'd been yearning for). Once the cotton candy was finally finished Yanan yawned and asked if Yuto wanted to ride the Ferris Wheel. Yuto agreed and they made their way to the bright colored wheel. Once they got on Yanan scooted closer to Yuto and rested his head on Yuto's shoulder.
"Are you tired?"
Yanan let a quiet yawn slip past his plump lips and smiled cheekily at Yuto who was eyeing him.
"Okay, we'll leave when we get off."
Yanan wrapped his arms around Yuto and closed his eyes. It reminded Yuto of the first day he'd met Yanan; this reminded him of the time they had watched horror movies together and he smiled fondly at the dark haired boy.
"Thank you for taking me to the amusement park!"
"You're welcome."
"It was a lot of fun!"
"I had fun too."
"I think I'm gonna go now because I'm really tired so goodnight."
Yuto stuck out his cheek and pointed to it. Yanan rolled his eyes, but leaned in and softly pecked Yuto's cheek anyway.
"See you later."
That's it for part three (and yes this is all still in the first little chapter thingy...). As always, comments are much appreciated. Chow for now and always remember:
~Stay Beautiful.
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It's really cute so far xD