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Genre: Angst Pairing: Reader x Jackson Length: 1221 words Warning: Rated M, Foul language, readerxidol Summary: He was !g everything , but I was just his game. Part 2/?
Everyone stood up except for Hoseok who was holding you with all his strength. You all  gasped in relief once noticing who had been the one to come in. “Y/N, do you have any idea how, OMG YOUR FACE!” Makenzie came in with anger that quickly changed to worry once seeing the state you were in. “What happened?” Lily said following behind dropping the supplies they had bought, at least none of them were glass, I think. “He fucking boyfriend that's what happened!” Jimin said still angry. Jimin and you usually go to the gym together and after you two always have really deep conversations, one time you had teared up, and he had become closer to you as well. “You mean Ex boyfriend” you spat not wanting him to even have that title. Lily had sat next to you on the couch rubbing your shoulder. “No! He's the one that did this to you?” Mackenzie said making her way towards you, as you nodded. “Wait, Y/N, was he the reason you had that bump on you arm last week?” Lilly ask concerned. You had nodded and started to cry into Hoseok’s chest. He had hurt you before but had always apologize after, but this time he threatened he'd do it again, which made you scared. You stopped and your eyes tightened when you heard knocking at the door. “Don't worry it's Chan, I called him too, because you weren't answering.”  Mackenzie said before walking over to the door to let him in. He saw you, his eyes widened and ran towards you. “Y/N omg! Are you ok?” He looked you up and down stopping at your eyes. You could see he was worried. You and the guys explained the whole thing to them. Making everyone chuckle a bit after bringing up the frying pan. “Ugh!!” You sighed into Chanyeol's shoulder. “What's wrong? Does your head hurt?” He asked lifting your head up. “No” you said giving him a baby frown, “I'm hungry, I haven't eaten all day” “We were on our way to get lunch, but came here instead we could go pick something up if you want?” Jin said placing a hand on Lily's shoulder. You always notice him and lily constantly talking, it wasn't till last Tuesday at lunch you found out he liked her. “No way, what if he comes back?” Jimin said being over protective as always. “Me and Lilly will be here, there's no way we're letting her stay alone” Kenzie said leaning up against the wall next to Jimin. “I'll be here too, can I stay for the night?” Chanyeol asked, we did have a guest room after all. “Us too well want to be here for you?” Taehyung said hiding behind his phone. “Yeah sure, we have enough room” lily said looking back Jin. With that bangtang left to get the food and lily went to get the extra blankets from the back closet. “I'll need to get the stuff from the dorm, and let the guys know I'll be here, will you guys be ok?” Chanyeol said helping you stand. “Yeah, I'll be up in my room listening to music till the guys get back with food anyway.” “Ok” he said and placed and kiss on your forehead, he would always this so it was nothing new. He waved to Makenzie bye, and shouted ‘I'll be back soon’ to lily in the back. You went up stair to your room and flopped on your futon bed. Grabbing you headphones sitting up and getting lost in your thoughts. Music was your only escape, and helped you throughout your life, you loved dancing because you could show how you felt with the music through dance. Mackenzie's Pov:   I'm so happy Jimin is staying over too, he so cool. He cares about Y/N so much too, it's so cute. Her thought a interrupted by heavy banging at the door. “Calm down Chan, what did you forget-” she was cut off when the door flew open almost smashing her. “AHHHHHH!” She looked down the hall to see lily there screaming. While the punch of a guy that beat up her best friend made his way up the stairs. Makenzie and lily ran following behind him, trying to get there before him but it was too late. Namjoon’s Pov: Him and the guy just finished packing the stuff in the car, and were heading to the nearest fast food place when he was getting a call the caller ID was ‘Y/N’s Home’ he had answered and put it in speaker. “NAMJOON HELP HE CAME, HES HERE HE LOCKED HIMSELF IN THE ROOM WITH Y/N” everyone in the car was shook, as they heard y/n’s screams coming from the phone and with that. Namjoon hung up and made an immediate u turn back to y/n’s. Y/N’s Pov: You heard a scream and took out your headphones. The door flew open and there he was slamming the door behind him and locking it. You heard you friends on the other side desperately trying to get in. You only had so much time to think when he rushed for you like a bull. Lifting you up off the bed slamming you to the floor. Punching beating you opening your cut and making new ones along with bruises. He stopped and held you by your neck. “If I can't have you, no one can.” He say in such a calm normal voice sending shivers down your spine. Then he suddenly grabbed you by your hair and started to drag you to the balcony of your bedroom, you started to scream knowing very well what he was going to do. You pushed, slapped and scratched his hand, picking up random idioms you could reach. As he kept yelling at you to stop struggling. “I said stop!” he's aimed his fist ready to hit you. Chanyeol’s Pov:  He had just pulled into the driveway right behind the boys, after the call with Lilly you were all stopped at the front door hearing nothing but screams and banging from the inside. Jungkook and Jimin repeatedly kicked at the front the door till it came crashing door, and they all rushed inside up the stairs to y/n’s room. Where they were met by a sobbing lily and a furious Mackenzie. “Come here, move!” Jin said grabbing them both to let Jungkook and Yoongi take down the door. Once it was down everyone stopped. Y/N’s Pov:  You were ready preparing for the hit, when the door was kicked open the two you saw where Jungkook and Yoongi, and once they saw what he was about to do the stopped. Yoongi ran straight towards him and him against the wall. Coming behind him we're Chanyeol & Jimin furious. You stood their watching as the other guys tried to stop the three from beating the guy to death. You look away only when you felt someone trying to pick you up. Jin, lily and Mackenzie wanted to get you out of the room as soon as possible. They rushed you down stairs and there was someone you weren't expecting to see at all that day. “Jackson……” you trailed off and his face was the last thing you saw.
Oh my god 😵
WHAT!!!! nuuuuuu😭😭😭😭 what!!!! you you nuuuuuuu😭😭😭😭 omg yo i feel so bad for her like wtf man wtf is wrong with you! that disgusts me so much and omg im so glad they came before it was to late sigh* so sad tho but omg jacks came!!!! yay~!!!! cough cough rescue mission* hehe naww