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Here we are again Darlings! Another Monday, with yet another Man Crush to share with you all!
Who could it be??

It's Lee Hong Ki!!

Lee Hong Ki!! Our HongKi was born on March 2, 1990! That makes him a Picses, born in the year of the Horse! He's in the band F.T. Island! You may know him from Modern Farmer, or Bride of the Century. My favorite role of his though is that of Jeremy from You're Beautiful.
Jeremy was consistently able to bring a smile to my face as I watched this show. Even to the point where I was rooting him on as a part of the complicated relationship that forms in this show. I honestly don't believe anyone but Hong Ki could have done this role justice. He is every bit as outside the box as Jeremy is. In addition, he was able to portray the internal worry and confusion of falling in love with his male band mate.
In the moment it mattered most, he brought all of my emotions to the front, making me feel for him like none other. (This video contains plot spoilers!)
However emotional his character could make me though, it was obvious that his character was comedic relief, and he did very well with it.
Though I've only mentioned three of his dramas here, HongKi has had several cameos and other roles since becoming an actor at age 12. He is the current Radio DJ of Kiss the Radio, formerly Super Junior's Kiss The Radio. I hope he makes an acting comeback soon!
As a part of F.T. Island, he's put out many albums since their debut in 2007, and as a solo artist, he's put out one Japanese album, and a Korean EP of the same name in 2015. He has also been a part of several OST's including You're Beautiful, Heartstrings, Heirs, Bride of the Century and Modern Farmer. He writes a significant portion of FT Island's discography as well, having written songs for their albums since 2011.
One thing you may not have known about HingKi is that he has a huge interest in Nail Art. So much so, that he's even published a book about it! That book is so popular it's been published inKorean, Chinese and Japanese. They say he has spent $45,000 in two years on his nail art habit!
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And we've found out he can't do his nails himself. That was so funny....all of FT Island make me laugh, but Hongki does the most. When he stole his bosses car was hilarious....and his members have no problem throwing him under the bus.
Love this boy so much!! ❤
I love Hong-ki, he's so adorable and his voice! He's a great singer. I've seen him in You're Beautiful, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and Bride of the Century.
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OK good then I'll quickly add it to my watch list! Jeremy is such a lovable character, he's one of my favorite kdrama characters along with Nam Goong Min's character in Beautiful Gong Shim and No Min Woo's character in My Unfortunate Boyfriend. All if these 3 characters are lovable and sweet. I think Min Woo's character is my favorite though.
He was cute in You're Beautiful.