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“Dongwoo! When is your girlfriend coming over?” Sungyeol asked as he was playing with Jureumi.
“Soon, Sungyeol.” Dongwoo paced by the door as he waited for you to arrive. Hoya walked out of his room as he was practicing new dance moves as he worked his way to the kitchen for a drink. “Do you ever stop dancing just once?”
“Oh! Is _______ not here yet?” Hoya called as he didn’t take Dongwoo’s comment to heart. Dongwoo hung his head low as he shook his head slowly. A rhythmic knocking came from the door that you only used so the boys would know who it was. Dongwoo’s head snapped up as he jumped to the door with joy.
“Yah! Open the door!” Sunggyu called as he was reading a book, being annoyed from his bouncing that made the floor shake. Dongwoo nodded as he opened the door.
“Annyeong!” You called as you walked in through the door.
“_______!” The members called as they saw you, you all bowed to them as they bowed back. Dongwoo closed the door and threw his arms around you and hugged you tightly.
“Hello there Mr. Jang~” You laughed as he held you tighter that it was hard to breathe.
“I missed you.” He whispered in your ear as he rested his head on your shoulder.
“I missed you too.” You released his hands from you as he threaded his fingers through yours, not wanting to let you go.
“Have you boys eaten yet?” You asked as you held up a grocery bag full of warm food.
“________! You are the best!” Sunggyu said as he leaped from his chair and grabbed the bag.
“Hyung~ Maknae’s eat first.” Sungjong called as he skipped to the kitchen.
“Ladies eat first, where are you manners?” Hoya snarled as Myungsoo walked in and smirked at the two of you.
“Ah! The love birds are in the house.” Myungsoo said as he grabbed some chopsticks and passed them out.
“Go right ahead, I am not that hungry.” You said as the guys thanked you. “I got a little something for Jureumi too.” You gestured to the bag as Sungyeol brightened and took Jureumi over to the kitchen to get her your food that you bought for her.
“Why aren’t you hungry jagi?” Dongwoo questioned you as you saw all of the members gathered around the food.
“I just don’t feel like it right now, I will eat later.” You said as there was some whispers and giggling in the kitchen as you could only smile at what they could be saying. “Come and eat Woo.” You pulled him to the kitchen as he served himself some food, he wrapped one arm around you as he ate, being as close to you as possible.
“I was meaning to ask you something.” Sungjong asked as you nodded him to continue.
“Would you mind teaching me how to play Pictionary tonight?”
“Sure! It would be fun to play it with all of you if you are up for it.” You looked at the members as they nodded.
“Can you give Jureumi one of your famous massages?” Sungyeol asked as you nodded.
After the guys ate, they all gathered in the living room as you got rid of he trash and made your way over to them, grabbing paper and pens as you sat down in between Hoya and Sunggyu. Explaining the rules clearly, you began to play as each member took their turn and guessed each others picture.
Dongwoo’s turn was next as he looked up at you and drew something, then turned the paper around.
“Jureumi?” Sungyeol asked as he pointed to the sleeping cat in his lap, Dongwoo turned around the paper and drew some more.
“Hoya when he sleeps?” Sungjong joked as Hoya let out a nervous smirk, Dongwoo drew the rest of the picture as Myungsoo looked at the picture.
“Is it ______-ah?” Myungsoo pointed to you as you blushed.
“It is! Myungsoo wins!” Dongwoo called as you bit your lip and the game went on without any more problems.
“What should we do now?” Sunggyu offered as Sungjong and Sungyeol were looking at movies to watch.
“Watch Toy Story!” Sungjong called as he held it up in the air.
“I love that movie.” You shyly admitted as the members found their seats as you sat between Sungyeol, Jureumi and Myungsoo as Dongwoo leaned against your legs, Dongwoo’s arms wrapped around your legs as he cuddled with them making you giggle.
“Can you give Jureumi that massage now?” Sungyeol shuffled the mellow cat to your lap as you agreed. Moving your fingers from her head down her spine and pressing against the grain of the muscles down to her legs and paws as she purred loudly. Sungyeol took detailed notes as he watched your hands move against her skin. Jureumi moved back to
Sungyeol’s lap as he tried to massage her, letting your hands move with his, you taught him how to massage her as well as you do.
“Jagi~ my head hurts.” Dongwoo whined as he kicked his feet out as he pouted.
“Ok, Woo-ssi.” Pecking his head with a kiss, your fingers moved in his hair as you massaged his scalp, another happy costumer purred as he closed his eyes and rested his head between your knees. Styling his hair once you finished you rested your head against Myungsoo’s shoulder as the movie ended the members got up as they yawned and moved to their rooms.
“Can I have a girls’ opinion on something?” Myungsoo asked as you nodded.
“I will be right back Dongwoo.” Following Myungsoo to the bedroom, Dongwoo saw you laughing and discussing something as jealously bit him hard. He knew you liked helping the members and you were their friends too but he wanted to cuddle with you, he wanted to hold you, to kiss you and just be with you. Once you came out of the room, Dongwoo attacked you with another hug.
“I am not letting you go.” Dongwoo said as he kissed your cheek. “I want some ________ time.”
“Ok, I guess I can stay a little longer to cuddle with my boyfriend.” You giggled as
Dongwoo walked with you to the couch without breaking the hug as he laid down on the couch and hugged you close to him. Wrapping your arms around him tightly he rubbed your back.
“I don’t think we should spend a lot of time over here.” Dongwoo whispered in your ear as it send shivers down your spine.
“Why, Woo-ssi?” You rested your chin on his chest as you looked at him
“Because of the members, they make me… make me…” He shyly stops as he looks around.
“Make you what?” You pet his cheek gently.
“Jealous. I just want you for me, I don’t want you massaging their cat or leaning on their shoulder or letting your hands massage with theirs. I want you for me, all to me.” He
looked in your eyes briefly as you smirked at his cute behavior.
“How about we make them jealous?” You offered as Dongwoo raised an eyes brow at you as you pressed your lips against his. Tilting his head into the kiss, his lips danced with yours, gently pulling on them as his hands roamed your back slowly. Deepening the kiss, Dongwoo took your breath away as he slowly broke the kiss, just to kiss your forehead. Snuggling into his chest, he tightened his grip on you as a smile tugged onto his lips.
“They still can’t have you.” Dongwoo whispered in his husky, deep voice.
“You are the only one I am going to give my heart too, Woo-ssi.” Listening to his heart and feeling yours, they made perfect music together as you relaxed in his arms, enjoying your time with him.
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