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Finally it was the weekend that was very long awaited and needed. The mid day light flooded in through your open windows as you roamed the internet on your phone and caught up on some music videos that you had missed, while you were too busy in school.
A buzzing came from your phone as you quickly went to your messages and saw a new message.
Hey bestie! Would you mind coming over, I have something I need some help on - Woo
Sure! I will be over soon
Sending the message you went to change into some decent clothes before heading over to Dongwoo’s place. It wasn’t odd that he called you over, for you both had been best friends for years.
Reaching his place within a few minutes, he opened the door and let you come inside. You inspected his place for any sign of projects or homework, yet there was nothing.
“_______, I am really glad that you came over. I can only trust you with helping me with this.” Dongwoo said as he closed the door and stood in front of you.
“What is it Woo?” You asked with a smile peeping out from under your lips.
“Well…” He rubbed the back of his neck nervously, “Could you help me by telling me what to do and what not to do when I ask out a girl that I really like?”
You looked at him wit shock but that soon melted away as a happy smile was in its place. “I would love to, Woo.”
A smile beamed on his face as he bounded for the living room, you hung up your purse on the hooks as you took off your shoes and walked over to where he was sitting.
“So what do I do first?” Dongwoo looked at you with curiosity
“Well, I haven’t been asked out myself but if I were I would probably…” You thought for a minute as you thought about it as Dongwoo hung on your every word.
“You would like what?” He asked with big eyes
“A single flower and a poem, I like that stuff. Ummmm other girls might like flowers too or chocolates.” You said as you diverted the conversation from you.
“Ah… so once I do that what do I do?” Dongwoo pulled a crinkled paper from the coffee table and a pen as he jotted down some steps.
“You have to get up the courage to ask the girl out. Make sure that you do something that you both enjoy.” You watched him as he wrote down the notes.
“Then what do I do?” He looked up at you as he finished the last note
“Wait for her answer. If it is a yes, then thank her and tell her that you will pick her up with a date and time set.” You watched his eyes move with the pen as you smiled at how attentive he is.
“What is she says no?” Dongwoo stopped and looked up at you with a scared expression.
“I don’t think anyone could say no to you, but if it happens thank her for the opportunity and treat her just regularly.” You said as you were predicting that he would write it down but he didn’t. “Aren’t you going to write that down?” You questioned as you moved to the floor to stretch your legs.
“No, I don’t think that she will say no either.” He blushed as he stood up and extended his hands to you as he pulled you up as you pulled down your shirt. “Can we practice hugs… just in case she wants to hug on our date?”
“Sure.” You said as you wrapped your arms around his torso as he hesitated to wrap his around you.
“You know it is only a hug if you hug me back.” You whispered into his chest as he rested his chin on your head and his arms comfortably rested on your back. Relaxing in his arms you let out a deep breath as he held his. Pulling away you smiled.
“We might need to work on that more.” Dongwoo said with blushed cheeks as you nodded. Lifting your foot to move out of the small space you tripped and tripped
Dongwoo as he tried to save you. Landing on your back, he caught himself with his hands as he hovered over you. His eyes looked into yours as you looked into his.
Time seemed to stop as both of you stayed like this for a while before you adverted your eyes from his as he kept staring at you.
“S-So who is the girl?” You stuttered
“________, Thank you for being with me through the ups and downs, but I am so glad that I found, someone like you, so I can ask what do you want to do. That is if it is ok for me and you to go on a date.” Dongwoo said clearly and confidently as his eyes gently came back to yours.
“I would love to go on a date with you.” You held your breath as you smiled at him as he bit his lip tenderly. “I told you she wouldn’t say no.”
He giggled as his fingers danced across your cheek before gently pressing his lips tenderly on yours. The short kiss ended as he got up and helped you up once again as you wrapped him in a hug. His arms went around you instantly as you smiled happily letting time waste away as he held you.
my cute squish! can t help but think this is a high school rkmance
thank you so much!! yep yep I can see that!