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The light of day faded away as the dark of night began to take over as you laid your head on the arm rest of the couch. Sporting shorts and a hoodie, you folded your legs on the couch as you watched the beautiful sunset paint the sky with all of the contrasting colors through the large windows. Once the beautiful colors started to fade, the large, full moon began to lift from the horizon as anticipation built with in you.
Checking your phone for the time, you hoped that Dongwoo would be home soon after months of being away from you. Sure, you had video calls and you messaged each other a lot but it didn’t seem that same without him right next to you.
A buzzing came through your phone as you quickly looked at the message.
Come outside
The message was sent from a weird number as you thought if you should follow the message or not. After thinking for a few minutes you slipped on your shoes and headed outside into the cool air. A car was parked out in front of your small complex of houses as you tried to get a better view, but as you got closer the window on the passenger side rolled down as you saw the person that sat in the car.
It was Dongwoo as he leaned over the empty seat to the window.
“Hop in Jagiya, I have some place I want to show you.” Dongwoo called as you ran to his car happily opening the door and sliding into the passenger seat next to him. Closing the door behind you, he drove off carefully as light music played in the background, but no matter what you kept your eyes glued on him.
Letting your eyes fall down the contour of his side profile from the outline of his face from his forehead to his nose, down to those perfect, plump, pink lips of his down to his chin, down his neck and then back up the back of his strong neck and up to his ear back to his comforting eyes. You were in awe of him, just everything about him.
His eyes slightly looked over at you then back to his driving before turning to you as you just smiled at him.
“What? Is there something on my face?” His hand went up and covered his cheek as he watched the road then flipped his eyes back to you.
“No, it is just you.” You whispered gently as you removed his hand from his face and held it between the pair of yours as he pulled over to a pull out. Putting the car in park he kissed your head and opened his door as you mirrored his movements.
Stepping out of the car he grabbed something from the backseat as you looked over the beautiful valley that twinkled with lights as cars flowed like a light filled river through the streets. Dongwoo closed the door gently as you smiled at the beautiful night. Sitting on the hood of his car, he watched you happily as you soaked in the scenery. After you had taken in the beautiful city that was now below you turned around and smiled at
Dongwoo as he watched you taking in the perfect setting.
Climbing carefully on the hood of his car you snuggled between his arm and him as your head rested against his shoulder, his arm wrapped around your waist carefully as he held you close, lifting the blanket and letting it fall over your bare legs he rested his head on yours. His back and yours rested against the front window of the car as it reclined you perfectly to see the stars and the full moon that gave off its soft light.
Both of you sat in silence for some Time as you felt at peace with one another, finally feeling complete after the months that were spent away from each other. Dongwoo tore his eyes away from the perfect stars to look down at you as you looked up at him too feeling him move underneath you.
“I missed your quiet terribly.” He whispered in his deep yet comforting voice. A smile broke onto your face as you nodded, biting your bottom lip gently.
“I fell in love with you quiet suddenly but there is no where else I could be but here in your arms.” His eyes traced over your angelic face as he took in everything from your sparkling eyes to the creases on your lips. Slowly, he moved his face close to you as his cheek gently brushed with yours. Just that little touch from him sent a chill down your spine as you shook, a smile gently sat on his lips.
“I love you.” He whispered gently to your ear as he kissed it carefully afterwords.
“Me too” You also whispered as your hands gently rested on his chest as his lips trailed against your skin.
Kissing your skin every few seconds, he finally made it to your lips as he looked into your eyes as they fluttered closed. Tilting his head gradually, he locked his lips with yours as his hands wrapped around your waist and pulled you closer to him. The kiss progressed as it was deep and wonderful, everything that you would have wished for. Gripping his shirt within your fists he moved his lips on yours making your heart beat faster.
Beginning to feel dizzy you disconnected your lips from his as his cheek brushed against your skin again as he kissed down your jawline then to your neck gently. Letting his shirt free from your grasp, you wrapped your arms around his shoulders as you nuzzled your head into the crook of his neck as he kissed down your neck softly.
“I missed you, I missed you.” He repeated after each kiss as you kissed him back gently.
Kissing his neck gently too, he pulled away as he smiled, stealing a short kiss to your lips before guiding your head onto his chest as you returned to watch the beautiful night pass before you. Your eyes fell due to the wonderful feeling in your heart as you listened to his heartbeat and constant breathing.
Dongwoo carefully pulled the blanket up over your shoulders as he gently brushed your hair behind your ear, kissing your cheek once more.
“Well you are the one, the one that lies close to me. I fell in love with you suddenly. Now there is no place else I would rather be then here in your arms.” Dongwoo whispered into the night air as you slept on him peacefully.
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