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Hello lovelies, Jasmyn here with part four of my Yuyan fanfic, so let's get started (but first that gif in the beginning I just).
"I can't believe we're at the boardwalk!"
"You said you've always wanted to go."
"Yeah, but you didn't have to bring me here, thank you!"
"You're welcome Yanan. Let's go."
They spent the next four hours walking around the boardwalk and looking to see if anything was good enough to buy. They ended up walking in at least a hundred stores before they finally decided to buy weird matching bracelets. Yuto's was blue and Yanan's was pink and they were engraved with each other's first initial, which were both Y's. Despite how clichΓ© they were, the bracelets made each male giddy for some reason unknown to the other. After buying them they quickly walked back out of the store and walked aimlessly around the boardwalk again. Somewhere in between leaving the store and walking around Yanan had skillfully, and without catching Yuto's attention, slipped his hand into Yuto's and squeezed gently. After mindlessly walking for a while Yanan noticed something glimmer in the corner of his eye and he turned his head to look at the shiny object. The shiny object just so happened to be the fluorescent sign that was hanging inside the window of an ice cream shop, and now he suddenly wanted ice cream. He gently tugged Yuto's hand repeatedly to get the Japanese male to look at him and when he did, Yanan put on his cutest puppy face.
"Can we get ice cream Yuto?"
"You want ice cream?"
"At this time?"
"You do realize that it is 10:30 at night right?"
"Yes, I do realize that."
"And you know that it's freezing out here right?"
Right after Yuto had mentioned the word freezing Yanan, almost on impulse, shivered slightly and tugged his t-shirt closer on his body with his free hand.
"Yes I know it's freezing."
"And you still want ice cream?"
Yanan huffed in annoyance at Yuto before he rolled his eyes.
"Yes I still want ice cream."
"Okay. Let's go."
Yanan was practically beaming at Yuto at this point.
Yuto chuckled at Yanan and his cute gestures before nodding and quickly tugging him into the ice cream shop by his hand.
'When did he grab my hand and how did I not know?...'
They quickly walked into the ice cream shop and made their way to the counter, their hands never leaving the comfort of the other's. Yuto looked at the menu to see if he'd like anything and decided on getting a chocolate cone. He gave his order to the worker, who happened to be Hwitaek, smiling smugly at them behind the counter with a knowing look. He quickly rolled his eyes and looked over at Yanan to see him practically pouting at the menu. After about five minutes of pouting, Yanan turned to face Yuto only to find him already staring. He suddenly began to feel hot all over, but he tried his best at swallowing the blush that was creeping up his face as he continued to look at Yuto (who was looking at him with this dumb look of pure adoration accompanied with a small smile and glimmering eyes that refused to look away, which didn't go unnoticed by Hwitaek who seemed to look even more smug as the seconds ticked by).
"Do you know what you want now?"
Yanan nodded quickly and then turned to Hwitaek, who was smirking with all knowing eyes, and politely told him that he'd like a hot fudge sundae before quickly looking down at his and Yuto's clasped hands. Hwitaek looked at them, smugly, one last time before he set out to make Yanan's hot fudge sundae and Yuto's chocolate cone. Yuto tugged Yanan down through the line so they could wait for their ice cream at the register. Yanan let go of Yuto's hand to reach for his wallet, but Yuto stopped him and reached for his own wallet instead. Hwitaek watched the interaction between the two boys silently.
"I can pay."
"But you paid last time."
"And I'll pay again."
"I can pay too though."
"I got it."
"But I'm the one who wanted ice cream! I can pay, you don't have to pay."
"You were also the one who wanted cotton candy."
"And I told you I could pay then too!"
"And I told you that you didn't have to. I can pay."
"But I-"
"Nope. I'm paying."
"You know what!"
Yuto smirked at the agitated boy and gave Hwitaek the money he'd asked for. Hwitaek took the money and quickly handed him the change and also smirked in the general direction of the agitated boy. Yuto then looked at the boy one more time and the look on his face didn't go unnoticed by Hwitaek.
"You want to stay in here or go outside?"
"Can we stay here? It's warm in here."
"Of course, but I do remember telling you to grab a jacket."
"Okay look, I didn't think we'd be out until 10:30 okay?"
"Alright. Alright. Which table?"
"That one, the one next to the window."
"After you."
Yanan took a seat near the window and Yuto sat across from him. They both quickly finished their ice creams and bid goodbye to Hwitaek, who'd watched them the whole time they were eating their ice cream with a (very frustrating) look on his face that if either boy had seen, they'd surely punch him. Yuto took off his over coat and gave it to Yanan to put on before lacing his hand with Yanan's (again the gestures were noticed by Hwitaek) before quickly opening the door and leading them out onto the brightly lit boardwalk. He gently squeezed Yanan's hand and led them to the end of the boardwalk and onto the beach. They walked down the beach talking animatedly about small things such as the new game Yanan had gotten and Yuto's family back in Japan. Before long they sat down on the sand and continued to talk to each other about little things like the stars and the way the moon rises when the sun sets. Eventually Yanan's head found its way onto Yuto's shoulder as Yuto snaked his arms around Yanan's waist while they watched as the stars began to come out from behind the fog. Yuto turned to look at Yanan and the guilt ate him alive as he sat and watched the stars come alive in Yanan's eyes. He hesitated for a moment before deciding that he was going to do what he'd planned no matter what the consequences were. He swiftly lifted his hand to cup Yanan's cheek and gently turned Yanan's head so he was facing him. Yuto's eyes trailed to Yanan's lips for a fleeting moment before they quickly traveled up his face to search Yanan's eyes. Yanan looked at Yuto, who'd begun leaning in, in shock but leaned in nonetheless. In an instant the air surrounding the boys became thick, but neither was willing to pull away as the gap seemed to be too big. Ever so slowly Yuto continued to close the gap between them until there was just enough room for Yanan to turn away if he'd wanted to. Yanan quickly laced his hands into Yuto's hair and closed the rest of the distance between his lips and Yuto's. At first their lips were just barely touching, nothing more than a simple brushing of their lips against each other, then all at once the tenderness was too much and Yuto's hands moved from Yanan's face to his waist as he pulled Yanan closer to him. Yanan's hands tangled deeper into Yuto's hair as he pulled Yuto closer and let himself get lost in Yuto's scent and his tenderness as he kissed him slowly and gently. It felt like an eternity had gone by before they finally pulled apart for the oxygen they'd so desperately needed, and when they did Yuto looked deeply into Yanan's eyes searching for any signs of regret or embarrassment. When he found none he pulled Yanan into another slow, sweet kiss. He pulled away too soon for his liking, but he felt that need to get Yanan home before two am so he pulled himself up off the sand and quickly pulled Yanan up as well. He laced his hand into Yanan's and walked them up to the boardwalk and all the way back to his car before he drove Yanan home and made sure he made it to his dorm safely. When they'd reached the dorm Yanan turned and placed one last lingering kiss to Yuto's lips before turning around and walking into his dorm. Yuto turned on his heels and walked back to his car while holding his hand up to his lips, the burning sensation Yanan had left just moments ago still aflame.
That's all for part four! As always comments are appreciated. Chow for now and always remember:
~Stay Beautiful.
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