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You are probably taken aback by the photo above because Hey wasn't Historical Dramas last week. Why yes it was last week but did you know this Historical Drama Happens to be a gender bender drama as well.

What I am watching right now is....

Moonlight Drawn by Clouds aka Moonlight Lovers


according to DramaFever:
Park Bo Gum (Tomorrow’s Cantabile, Answer Me 1988) and Kim Yoo Jung (Golden Rainbow, Secret Door) star in a gender bender historical drama about mistaken identity bringing about unmistakable love. Hong Ra On (Kim Yoo Jung) has one of the most unique jobs in the Joseon Dynasty: she disguises herself as a man named Sam Nom and gives great dating advice to lovelorn souls seeking to woo that special someone. Because of one of the letters she writes to help win someone over, she ends up meeting Lee Young (Park Bo Gum). But little does she know that Lee Young is actually the future Crown Prince Hyomyung. Lee Young, for his part, also doesn’t know that Hong Ra On is a woman. With both their interests in each other intensifying, things start to get more than a little weird. And those weird things get even weirder when Ra On is sold into the Royal Palace as a eunuch and becomes involved in a political power struggle. Is this a dilemma a dating guru and handsome royalty can solve, or will the darkness of the clouds of greed and deception enshroud the love in the moonlight? Adding to the drama are Kim Yoon Sung (B1A4 member and Jeju Island Gatsby alum Jin Young), a young scholar who is being groomed for leadership by his power-hungry father and who is therefore in direct competition with his childhood friend for the throne, and Kim Byung Yeon (Master: God of Noodles actor Kwak Dong Yeon), the future crown prince’s fiercely loyal and most trusted guard.
Why I liked this Drama:
I liked this drama because to me I thought it was a unique way to the gender bender. Her mother had forced her to live her life as a boy and told her when she grew up she be able to live as a female. She didn't necessarily chose to be a boy to become close to the guy she likes. Then she decides only to remain a boy afterwards because the boy asked her to for a little.
Another reason I liked this drama was because of the king, the king's bodygaurd, and the king's rival. The backstory of their childhood friendship and how each one is still trying in their own way to protect their friendships with each other and also trying to protect Ra On at the same time.
I haven't quite finished this drama yet I have about 4 more episodes.
I give this drama a solid 4/5 or an 8/10.

Nail Shop Paris--


according to DramaFever:
Real-life glamor girl Park Gyuri stars as Hong Yeo Joo, a girl who aspires to be an internet novelist, but must work in a hip nail salon in order to get close to her newest muse. The only issue is that her resume is missing the biggest requirement of all: the salon only employs men (specifically, pretty flower boys like Park Sang Hyun aka Thunder). What’s a girl to do? Pull a gender bender, of course! As if going undercover isn’t hard enough, Yeo Joo’s also got to deal with the challenges of fitting in with the boys without letting them get too close
Did I like this Drama?
I didn't like nor dislike this drama. It left me with the feeling of meh... I blame it mostly on the female actor, her character and probably the development of the plot. It had a hint of supernatural elements and that is what at first intrigued. Also because the two main male lead and love interests for the character I felt the love triangle thing not really there and somewhat forced. The male acting was superb. The little side stories for the customers that got their nails done great. The main plot not so much this was like maybe a 3/5 or 6/10.
The following is a comment left on the Nail Shop Paris page of dramafever that is exactly how I felt about the drama: "*mild spoiler alert* The ending was weird. It felt like she was given one guy for this lifetime, but once he passed, she would still have her back up. I liked both main guys. The story was original and creative. At first it seemed like it was too repetitive, but that changed about 1/2 way. I was surprised by who she married, but based on what her mom told her, her choice made sense. That said, I never really bought the chemistry between Bunny and who she ended up with. I didn't really see chemistry between her and the other guy much either, except at the very end, which was also weird. All the romantic moments seemed forced. Also, it never seemed like she got the one guy out of her system completely even though she picked the other? I suppose that can happen in real life, but I wish we would've seen more devotion to the person she actually picked. Even as she picked him, she told him she still liked the other guy. Ugh!"
I wish I could meet the person that wrote the above comment because that is exactly how I felt about it. The show had so much potential but it fell flat and lost a bit of its magical mysticism. It was almost as if the writer lost their passion and interest in the plot. If you do want to be entertained it will do that at least.
Have you seen this drama? Is your take different from mine? Did you like, dislike, or indifferent to it?
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To The Beautiful You
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Sword and Flower
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Quotes I adored from Moonlight Drawn by Clouds
More quotes from the Moonlight Drawn by Clouds
Hope you enjoyed this card...
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Aside from Bromance (only cuz I have not yet seen it to know if I can) I absolutely also recommend the Recommended list... Especially You're Beautiful, but that may be me being biased as it is my utmost favorite Drama... Starring my favorite actress and one of my favorite solo artists, Park Shin Hye and Jang Geun Suk...
I recommend Coffee Prince out of all of your recommendations list. It's a classic and it's amazing!
I love moonlight drawn by clouds.
lol too bad I've seen all of these besides Nail Shop Paris and it doesn't seem like it will be good.