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Welcome to Hungo Ringo Bread in Seoul's Mangwon neighborhood :)

This is my absolute favorite place to grab some tasty baked goods and coffee and just soak up the lovely cafe atmosphere.

I didn't manage to get a table today unfortunately, but next time I do I totally want to try the granola and yogurt bowl!

Directions cane be found here!

Do you guys love or hate the baby-head candle? At first I was freaked out but now I sort of dig it ;)

No the baby head candle is terrifying 😭
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yeah creepy XD I don't like dolls.
a year ago
That would freak me out at night!!!
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I like the aesthetic of the baby head candle but wouldn't want it like in my house at night? It'd be a surprise.
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I wouldn't have it in my house. I'd be a paranoid mess.
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