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Kun Monday! :D
Hello my darlings! I'm here with something new to share with you!
This video is a cover that Kun did when he was a part of a Taiwanese boy group entitled "CHANGE" The group never debuted because they couldn't find a fourth member.
Here's a short video of the three members. I enjoyed finding this out about Kun. It's less often that we see idols as part of pre-debut groups outside their own. I'm sorry this card is short and that I procrastinated today. Please look forward to next week, I'll keep working hard! As always please let me know if you'd like to be tagged or untagged in my personal list or the NCT team list! My Peeps: @MissyKim @XoxoJessica12 @unnieARMkeY @kpopandkimchi @JohnEvans @sarabear1013 @RihannaTiaMae @insfir3dd @Qilin94 @Isolate @YessicaCardenas @queenpandabunny @ReynadeKpop @EmilyPeacock @SofiaFifi @cherryconti29 @tinafalcon22 @JiYeongLeo @BulletproofV @tayunnie @AdriannaFletc @aliahwhbmida @twistedpuppy @Gaarita100 @Lexxcisco @SerenityThao @elaynethtrumpet @cloeyseuss @IsoldaPazo @falselove @Mitchix5 @SugaKookieV @DarciAragon @Emilykitetenjo @jaxomB @sukkyongwanser @LinnyOk @Parktaemi @Butterflymind @Josyy7 @imiebegay14 @mandynoona @stephaniePoore @Matty0203 @sukkyongwanser
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