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Alrighty here is the 3rd one I'm almost halfway done... oh who should I do next? Rap Monster Jimin
"I'm Sorry, We're done." "You don't mean that!" I started crying why was he breaking up with me. "I do, you should find someone better than me." He started walking away. I grabbed his hand. "Tae you can't leave me like this." My voice cracked. "I'm sorry (y/n)" He said and pulled his hand away from me. My legs became weak and I fell to the ground and couldn't control the sobs escaping my mouth. I just watched as the love of my life left me. ❤ ❤❤ ❤❤❤ ❤❤❤❤ ❤❤❤ ❤❤ ❤ "YAH (y/n)" My eyes shot open. I looked at my friend Dani "You're crying again." She said "I'm sorry." I wiped at my face. That event was going to live with me forever. It happened over a year ago, it was right before I debuted with my group. He had become big and obviously I wasn't in his standards anymore. I figured I'd get over it but it's hard watching the love of your life leave you with out giving an actual reason. "Sweetie don't be, but now we need to get your makeup fixed. We have like 2 minutes to fix it." She said and pulled out the bag of makeup and handed it to Jenni who started fixing my face. "Thanks Jenni and Dani" "That's what friends and Leaders do." Dani giggled. The van came to a stop and the doors opened. Flashes where going off and I quickly put a smile on my face. We walked down the carpet and posed for a picture and then headed inside. I knew he'd be here. His group was huge and have been at every award show that we've been too but we never ran into each other. "Um...(y/n)" I looked towards Jenni. "What's up?" I looked at her. "We are sitting by BTS." She said looking at me. "What?!" No, this couldn't happen. "(y/n) You'll be fine it's not like you'll talk to him." Dani said making me snap out of my thoughts. Only Jenni and Dani knew about my time with Tae. "Right." I said walking to our seat. We past by the sign that said BTS on it. I'm glad they weren't here yet. After a while I calmed down and was just looking towards the stage. The Award show started and it got darker. I took a deep breath. I could do this. Halfway through the show I looked down the row. My breath caught in my throat. Tae was there. Looking at the stage. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. He still looked so good. My heart started beating faster and all the feelings from a year ago wanted to come flooding out. I bit my lip to stop me from crying. He moved his head so I could see more of his face. Thankfully he was just looking at the screen. I wasn't expecting him to actually look at me so when it happened I was like a deer in headlights. He looked like it as well. He had shock written all over his face. His gaze made the tears start to form again. I quickly looked away. I wiped my eyes and took a deep breath then glanced back at him to see if he wasn't looking again. He still was but this time the look on his face showed how upset he was. He looked like he was still sorry for what he had done to me. I had to show I was fine even if I wasn't. I smiled and did a little wave. He didn't change his facial expression and just waved back. I turned back and tried not to look back at him. "Hey I'm going to run to the bathroom." I said to Dani who was next to me. "Ok. Need someone to go with?" "No I'm good." I stood up and started to move then realized I didn't have to go past BTS to go to the bathroom and went around the other group to the left of us. Once I got to the bathroom I took a breather and smacked my face a few times. "You are fine it is almost over. Just a little bit longer (y/n). Just don't look at him again. Stay strong." I said to myself and looked in the mirror. I fixed my hair and smiled. "Fighting!" I said quietly then left the bathroom. I was walking back to the seating area when I heard my name. "(Y/n)" I turned and regretted it. "Hi V." I said trying to keep my personal feelings out of this. "How have you been?" He asked taking a step closer. "I've been fine and you?" I stayed in my place. "Same." He said as a few people walked by and he just looked at the ground. Once the people were past us he grabbed my hand and pulled me into a room. He shut the door. "What are you doing?" I asked "I think I need to admit something." He said letting go of my hand. "About what?" "That day." He said looking down then back up to me. "You are fine. I have gotten over you, you broke up with me because I wasn't in your league anymore." "What! That isn't why I broke up with you!" "V you..." "Stop calling me V! Call me Tae like you used to." He said stepping closer. "No." "No?" He asked "No. I won't do that ever again. Your next girlfriend and your friends can call you that but not me." "(y/n) I...I thought I wasn't good enough for you." He yelled. "What?" "I thought you would find someone better in your company that I thought I'd be a Stigma to you if people found out about us." "That makes no sense. I loved you so hard Noone could take me away from you. If anything...I would be the stigma since my company isn't as popular as yours has gotten." "No!" "You have all these girls wanting you because of...well look at you. As for me, I won't let another guy close after...." "(y/n) I miss you." He interrupted me and I froze. "I miss you too." I bit my lip I needed to get out of here before I broke. "Hey I need to get back Dani will be worried if I don't get back." I tried to get past him but he just pulled me into him and hugged me. "I love you so much please give me another chance." He said into my hair. He smelled so amazing. I closed my eyes and hugged him back. I wanted to remember his scent. "Please say you still love me?" He said and I just nodded against him at that moment I felt him let out a deep breath. "Thank god." He pulled back and quickly place a kiss on my lips. "I didn't say we could get back together." I smirked "What!?" His facial expression was so cute. He was so shocked. I quickly placed my lips on his. "I would love to date you again." I smiled "Good." He said and hugged me again. "But I have one condition. " "What's that?" He asked still hugging me. "If either of us want to break up again, it better not be a stupid reason like us thinking we are not good enough or could leave a bad mark on the others reputation. We need to talk about it, unlike last time." "Ok agreed." He said and his phone went off. "Guys looking for you?" "Yea we are about to go on." He said and pulled away. "Ok then I'll be watching from my seat." I smiled and quickly left and went back to my seat. "What took you so long?" Dani asked. "Oh I got lost coming back." I lied. "I don't think so, why are you smiling like an idiot?" Jenni asked "No reason." I looked up at the stage waiting for BTS to come on. When they came on I couldn't keep my eyes off of Tae. When they came back they walked in front of us and I just smiled and nodded at all of them. The rest of the show ended quickly when it was done we headed to the back and Ran into BTS. Tae quickly wrapped me in a hug. "No, no, no." Dani said trying to pull us apart until she realized I was hugging him back. "Um, (y/n) what's going on?" Jenni asked as the rest of the girls had a look of shock on there face. "We are dating again." Tae said causing everyone to gasp.
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Omo I'm such a crybaby ☹️ I was close to tears...bruh...Jin please, I'm listening to Awake now
😭😭😭😭my baby im so glad their back together like ughhh i cant my heartu~!!!
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