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Hello dudes and dudettes! I'm here to motivate you and be that one voice to let you know, "you can do it". cheesy? nope! I honestly believe if you want it bad enough you can do it! which is so hard because I'm no fitness expert, to be honest I'm trying to lose 35 lbs so that will tell ya right there, but I have done my research and I dont need a degree to motivate others! imma right?
For about a week I really have been portion sizing, eat a lot of fruit and veggies, and eating lighter! I also have personally not weighed myself just yet because I'm going off of how my body feels and i feel. and I have also been hitting the gym and joining group classes! honestly you have to find what works for you but I have no doubt if you want it bad enough and you believe in you, nothing going to stop you❤️!
and when you are making a constant ritual of your workout plans And eating healthier push harder! I'm going to be honest with you I thought I was working out hard but then i was pushed to the best of my ability by one of my sweetest friends at the gym tonight, and now I know where to go and to go even further! and I fell great!
and Once you have gave it your all, relax, and let your body rebuild! y'all thats my favorite part let me tell ya! anyway until the next cards my loves! please comment below your thoughts, or if you want met to keep you updated on my fitness journey! ❤️ xoxoxo