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This is even more painful as compared to forgetting you.. The reason that kanginnie is getting hit-he spilled my crackers. So he got hit by me(,) donghae (and) ryeowook. Actually(,) I stopped filming but I acted like I was still filming and hit him another three more rounds^.~ lesson of the day : do not spill Heenim's crackers (8 hours ago) We ordered food, and played rock-paper-scissors, and my best friend Lee Hyukjae lost, so he has to clean everything alone kk he keeps mumbling. 'Let's not order any food with soup next time', 'I did all the dishes yesterday in the dorm too..' etc etc kk Ah why won't instagram allow long videos? (10 hours ago) Kangin, Lee Donghae, and Kim Heechul. A happy Sunday~ let's go on a tripㅠ_ㅠ (10 hours ago)
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in my opinion ,why a lot a people like this guy? it's nothing especial, leetuck , eunhye, donghae, and others, they're much better & talented. .sorry