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So this entry is a nice and long one. So sit back, relax, and freak out a bit because I am sure you will...Enjoy! XD

Need a recap? Or new to the story? I gotchu~

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WARNING: There is some mild language. Not too bad but I just wanted to give a heads up!

Dear Diary,

Today was D-Day as I am sure you were aware. Nothing really excited happened yesterday. Just more rehearsals and glares from IU - you know the usual.
But today is a whole bucket of crazy.
So much happened - I don't even know where to begin.
I guess I will just start from the beginning...
So, my friend and the rest of the members picked me up from the company around 10 ish and we left in their company car. It was kind of awesome really. I usually have to go by myself to performances or places in my own car so seeing the real deal was kind of bomb.
It didn't take us long to get to the park and when we did, they all practically ran out of the car like little kids. They were of course wearing disguises as to not be noticed but even from a mile away you could tell that they were not your average joe.
We got our tickets and right away they went to the last ride I wanted to go on. It is called the T Express. It is literally the steepest roller coaster in the WORLD. Why, why, why is all I was saying to myself as I saw us get closer to it.
When we reached it, I told them there was no way they could make me get on that thing. They paused at first, wondering what to do but then my friend came up beside me. He told me that I could wait if I wanted to. I looked at it once more before deciding and when I heard the screams of other people, I shook my head. I was beyond nervous. They are my one weakness, well, that and chocolate.
They, however, all decided to go on ahead without me. All except one. Any guesses who? Yeah... Yongguk.
Of course it had to be him and of course we were alone. You know, I always sound pretty confident Diary but in front of him I practically turn into a mushy pile of goo, with the inability to talk like a normal person or even act normal.
We then went to sit at a bench until they got off the ride. It was quiet at first as we both just looked at our phones until he finally spoke. He asked me why I didn't like roller coasters. I was startled when he suddenly popped the question but I answered it without hesitation.
I told him that there was a time when I loved roller coasters so much so that my parents would have to drag me away from them to get us to leave. But, this one time, I ate a little too much right before getting on a ride and I did not feel well at all. I got on the ride anyways but as soon as we turned upside on the coaster...well...you can guess the rest. Let's just say that it took a while to even come back to the park because I was so embarrassed.
Yongguk laughed at my answer. It made me smile, hearing his laugh. I then asked him the same thing and his answer was just that he doesn't like them. Pretty vague after I told him my in-depth totally gross story.
We then talked some more about things and I kind of wish they took all day with the ride. I spent more time with him than I ever thought I would and I could even say that I like him even more now.
But of course, about an half an hour later, the rest of them showed up looking horrifying. Their clothes were all over the place and they looked like they were slapped in the face multiple times. Thank heavens I didn't go. I would've died Diary.
They then said no more coasters for a bit and I couldn't help but laugh at them fumbling around and being such a hot mess. We then went and just walked around for a bit enjoying the sights and everything.
We got some food eventually and got on a few less intense rides but the craziest thing happened after all that. As some goofy kind of thing, they all wanted to go on the Ferris Wheel in pairs. It was funny, with there being six guys and only one girl. So we all did rock paper scissors to see who sits with who and I was kind of disappointed that I wasn't sitting with Yongguk but thankfully it was with my friend.
So we climbed in last, behind everyone and the sight was really pretty. It was nighttime at this point and the lights from the city around us and the other rides was amazing.
But despite this, like I said before, something crazy happened.
My friend suddenly called out my name after being quiet for so long and he looked nervous. I was obviously confused but then he started talking about how he has being watching me since I first started at the company and that he was super happy that I started to hang out with him.
I smiled, thinking that I was happy too that we had become friends. However, what he said next is still ringing in my ears.
After that, he stopped for a second and then said very clearly 'I like you'. My reaction was like this in my mind:
Wait, what. Wait. He said like. Like he likes me. Wait. Wait. Wait. WAIT. WHAATTT.
I probably looked like an idiot with my eyes bulging out of their sockets but what can I say. No way was I expecting that. He was waiting for an answer and I had no idea what to say. Like do I tell him that I already like someone? Should I tell him it is Yongguk? Should I say that I need time?
Well you know what this idiot said? Guess. I dare you.
'O-Oh...thanks.' OH THANKS? REALLY ARYA. REALLY. You seem so cool and THIS is what you say?!
Thankfully, the ride was on my side and it ended there. I quickly climbed out of the ride and ran immediately to the car. He was chasing behind me the whole time, the other members no where in sight.
So when he finally stopped me, he apologized. He apologized for making me uncomfortable.
I felt bad. Again. Like come on, how many times am I going to hurt this guy?
But I told him I was sorry too for not giving a proper answer so I asked him if it could wait a bit and thankfully he agreed. He then smiled at me and for some stupid reason my heart flipped a little. Was it because he just confessed to me? Or was it...
Nope. Not even going there. My brain can't do this tonight.
Okayyy, this little lovebird is going to bed.
Sleep well Diary, and I will update you on my crazy life hopefully tomorrow.
Wish me well.

Ah man, what a situation!

Her friend will be revealed her soon as well so keep an eye out for that!

Thanks everyone for reading and see you tomorrow! ;)

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