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Hello. I know I'm a little late to this but I'll try my best to complete the other days on time :D
Ok so Day 1: Favorite era for each member
Bang Yong Guk: Excuse Me era Look at how handsome he is!!!
Himchan: No Mercy Era Omg so hot lol
Youngjae: 1004 (Angel) So serious!
Daehyun: Stop it So cute!
Jong up: Skydive Never knew revenge woul look so hot!
Zelo: Young, Wild, and Free My bias showed his abs!!!!
Day 2: Favorite Song
Blind Their vocals and the raps go so well! I love it!
Day 3: Favorite MV
1004 (Angel) This video is so good and sad. Jong up crying, Youngjae crying, Himchan crying, Daehyun crying, Zelo crying makes me cry too. The ending is where I lose it and just start crying. This MV is just amazing.
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Love the card!! I'll try and make all the days no promises.... However I'll start it tomorrow. Is starting tomorrow acceptable?
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@yehetmyohorat97 Alright. Thanks!
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I love this card. I was so excited to have seen them in concert. They are all so cute!
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Thanks for participating!
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