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Hello. I know I'm a little late to this but I'll try my best to complete the other days on time :D
Ok so Day 1: Favorite era for each member
Bang Yong Guk: Excuse Me era Look at how handsome he is!!!
Himchan: No Mercy Era Omg so hot lol
Youngjae: 1004 (Angel) So serious!
Daehyun: Stop it So cute!
Jong up: Skydive Never knew revenge woul look so hot!
Zelo: Young, Wild, and Free My bias showed his abs!!!!
Day 2: Favorite Song
Blind Their vocals and the raps go so well! I love it!
Day 3: Favorite MV
1004 (Angel) This video is so good and sad. Jong up crying, Youngjae crying, Himchan crying, Daehyun crying, Zelo crying makes me cry too. The ending is where I lose it and just start crying. This MV is just amazing.
Thanks for participating!
I love this card. I was so excited to have seen them in concert. They are all so cute!
Love the card!! I'll try and make all the days no promises.... However I'll start it tomorrow. Is starting tomorrow acceptable?
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@yehetmyohorat97 Alright. Thanks!