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Hello everyone!!

Today is the second day of the color challenge thing!! Whoop, I'm getting there cX But today literally has to be the best day ever!!

I don't even know how I'm still breathing!!!! He's so beautiful it hurts!!!!

*Crying and breathing hysterically in the corner* Just give me a second....

Ch-Chanyeol in b-b-black!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wahhhhh!!!!! Eomma~~~~!!!!!!!

I'm dying! I'm legit dying!!!!!!!!! He is so fxxking gorgeous I can't even!!!!!! Guys in all black is my weakness!!!!! I know I said white is, but that's my second weakness. Black. Is. Where. It. Hits. Home!!!!!!!!
I'm crying!! I'm crying!!! My ultimate bias in all black!!!!! Someone give me a gas mask!!!!!!!! Someone save me!!!! I think I've fallen to the depths of hell and I sure as hell don't want to come out!!!!!!!!
Okay, breathe in....Breathe out....Whooo.....Okay.....I think it's time for me to go to sleep.... Goodnight sinners~^^
See you all in hell C;
P.S. If anyone finds this, please let my family know I'm on a plane headed to Korea and am off to be a trainee at SM (even though that's not the smartest move cX).
P.P.S. Nevermind. I couldn't make it. I passed out half way out of my house thinking about Chanyeol in black. Wait...Chanyeol in black....Hmmm.....*Clonk*
P.P.P.S. *Will be out till tomorrow's color card*

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He always looked great in black though
Of course he does! He's Chanyeol~
ahh too sexy!!!!
Right?!?! I'm dying over here because of him!!!!!
I am going to die if this continues. This is to much sexiness.
Same though!! I don't even know how I was able to make this card!! Dx
DEAD! DEAD! DEAD! DEAD! DEAD! Someone call @MicMallow and tell her to have my cutouts ready for my funeral.
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Haha please invite me to the funeral too!! This man has killed us all!!!!! cX
remove me from the tag plz
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@CrookedShadow thank you :)