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Hello guys :D I'm just here to link some of my cards i think you guys should check out! I won't link any fanfiction for those of you who'd like to not see things like that.
My Intro: This card tells you all the base things you need to know about me
My Updated Intro: This is the continuation of my first intro. It gives more information and my updated bias list :D
Monthly Musical Obsessions: This card is where i post my musical obsessions for the month. Currently i have October, November, and December. I have This Collection if you want to follow it and stay updated monthly. I update a new card on the 25th of every month!
BTS Worst to Best Dancer (My Opinion): This card is self explanatory. It's my opinion of the BTS members in order from worst to best dancer. If you feel like you'll be offended or mad, then please don't click the link. If not, then go ahead! :D I put a personal message at the bottom of each explanation. I thought it was cute~
BTS Roles From The Information We Have: Now as you all know, there's no site, officially stating by BigHit, the roles of each BTS member. For example, Main and Lead singer. We do not get much information besides what we gather ourselves. This card is my opinion on what their roles are. The only one i know i was wrong about is Jimin, as he stated on King Of Masked Singer that he is not a main vocalist. Jungkook, is in fact, the main vocalist and Jimin is lead.
How To Sing Songs In Other Languages: This card is specifically set on how to sing V's solo song "Stigma" off BTS's album, WING'S. I also have This card which is for another card. Please let me know if there is a song in Korean that you cannot sing even by looking at the romanization. If you find any of these two cards helpful, then i'll definitely try and do one for a song you personally wish to learn. Just leave a comment :D
That's all for now :D I'm using a taglist from one of my fan fictions because i currently have no taglist besides that. And i don't even have an official list :c sorry. If i've tagged you and you don't want to be tagged just let me know and i'll remove you ASAP.
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So cool! Thanks for the tag btw! 😊
yea np :D thank you too~