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There are so many Kdrama clichés, but are some being used too frequently? Here are some that are seen a bit too often. 1. The jerk always ends up with the girl in the end. Even from the beginning of a show you can tell that this will happen, but you keep watching anyway! Whether he’s hiding his heart of gold or he changes completely by the end of the show, he will probably end up with the girl. 2. There is always some kind of [forced] living situation where the two leads end up having to live with or near each other. At first they will probably hate each other, but living together will obviously bring them closer. 3. The second male lead is usually the most perfect human on the planet but he gets no love. He is sure to get his heart broken, and as viewers, our hearts break along with his. 4. What’s even more frustrating is that the second lead often sits in the sidelines waiting for the girl, while she is out falling for the other guy! A lot of the time he is so considerate that he misses any chances he would have had. 5. For every female protagonist there is a female antagonist who's basically evil. I don't know why, but there is always the token mean girl who is trying to crush the meek female lead. 6. Enough with the piggy back rides and the wrist grabbing! Piggy back rides usually happen when someone is drunk or hurt, and wrist grabbing just happens all the time. Even though sometimes KDramas do get a little predictable, you just can’t ever seem to stop watching!
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