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[RANDOM]That Moment
Imagine if House of Cards start playing every time someone starts talking to you... Like you would honestly feel so weird yet fitting, but it honestly depends...
PT Conference
Teacher:We need to talk about your daughter's grade.
Parents:*looks at recent report card* What is the meaning of this?!
HOC: So bad (Why?) urin yeah..
Group Project
Leader: Oh god, our project is ruined because of you two, fix it.
Friend&I: Fine, but we warn you that..
HOC: 더 망가져 가기만 해!...
New Year, New Me!
Person: So what are you plans for 2017?
Me: Well I planned to be..
HOC:더 위태로워 더 위험해...
Crush looks At Me
Me: *has a spasm**screams internally*
Innerself: Oh No, Vanessa!---
HOC: Please Baby! Calm Down!
Working Out
Innerself: C'mon! 3 more push ups!
HOC:더 버티기도 지탱하기도...