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ok so this isnt the first time that we all have noticed that Wendy has lost a significant amount of her weight. It seems that the poor girl cant have a break from her manager on terms of what she can and cannot eat. On the pilot episode of 'Raid the convenience store' her manager was caught micromanaging what Wendy eats. When asked why she wasnt eating like the rest of the members. She simply replied by saying that she normally doesnt eat much. Then Kangta encoueged herby saying "it's okay, just eat" Then she took a huge bite of her noodles. This isnt the first time her manager was micromanaging what Wendy eats. On Taeyeon's daily Taeng9cam Wendy and Seulgi were hanging out eating ice cream. Wendy looked axious on camera because of her manager watching her eat. Thankfully Taeyeon noticed Wendy being weary and scolded the manager because she couldn't even give her a break. "Eating what they want for one day shouldnt be a problem" as Taeyeon stated. Hopefully her manager is less strict on her.