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Finally got my last ending for the Christmas DLC! Here they are, if you're still working on it:
1. Zen
2. Yoosung
3. Jaehee
4. Jumin
5. 707
6. Solo
7. Common
8. Unknown

And some highlights! (and tips for the less obvious ones)


So Zen totally wreaked of desperation in this DLC, but he was still as sweet as ever! It's so much fun to screw with him and push his buttons! He's so cute when he's flustered! The voice acting for him is priceless! I also found it ironic that the man who's always trying to protect your virtue is the only one who got a kiss in this special!


I was so proud of Yoosung throughout this special, working so hard for the fundraiser, and not one did he even think about gaming! His phone calls were so cute; you could just hear him pout, getting all jealous! Then when he was making Zen all jealous, I laughed so hard! I was a little disappointed the way he held back because he felt he didn't deserve me yet, but I was also touched by his maturity in a way.


It was really tough for me, landing this route! As you probably know, visual novels clue you in to who you're headed toward, so I was a little concerned when I hit one for 707! I didn't give up, though, so by Christmas Day, I was on track! I appreciated her route though because it was closer to the light bicurious undertones that I was disappointed her normal story route lacked...


Ah, Jumin... I felt he was the 707 of the Christmas DLC, if you know what I mean. It was never really revealed what was going on with V (I could guess...), but Jumin was shouldering a heavy burden because of it. As with his story route, he fell hard and fast! I definitely blushed when he kissed my scratch, and I was happy to learn that he agrees with my views on the healing power of hugs! There were moments that were both concerning and blush-inducing, like when he said he'd "arrange [to have me]," or his response when I asked him to say something cute, or when he took me home with him; Zen was so livid! (Why do I enjoy picking on Zen so much!? He really has his heart set on you in this DLC...), and I was a little concerned, considering his story route, but the rest was left to my imagination!


707 was my first result, before I started aiming. It was expected because he's totally my husbando, plus I was sympathetic to his plight, knowing how his childhood was. Also I don't celebrate Christmas, so I think he was drawn to my apathy for it. Unknown's call was severely unsettling, so I was glad to hear shortly after that he was coming to see me! It was kind of heartbreaking and endearing to see how much he was thinking of his brother, but it was nice to be the one to give him his first Christmas...
Note: there's a flashback visual novel where Seven asks V to give give a certain someone a gift from him. I didn't get it the first time, but I was on track for him when I did Unknown, so I don't know whether it's triggered by 707's route or that combo...


So this one was probably the easiest to get, but also the most boring. To get this ending, simply perform badly, heart-wise, or don't participate in chats. Basically, they assume you're busy, so Seven puts you on lock down in the apartment. The fundraiser goes well, but everyone's sad you couldn't make it, and that's basically it.


This was by far the most difficult ending to land. I almost thought it was a myth, and Cheritz was punking me saying there were 8 endings! After trying and failing 5 times, I finally gave up and found a guide to follow! It seems you're supposed to:
1. not answer texts or calls
2. balance hearts between characters
But it didn't work when I simply did that! I think there's also a heart threshold that you can't pass, so I'm still not entirely sure what the requirements are to get this... Up until the final chat (707's monologue), it's identical to the Solo route, so you know if you're on track.
The visual novel is the same as Unknown's until you leave the event to return to the apartment. Everyone's at the event (in spirit, in 707's case) and it's great! After you leave everyone waits for you to get home safe and come to the chat room so they can all wish you Merry Christmas!


Unknown's route is another super easy one. He texts you a series of times on Christmas Day, so all you have to do is say you want to see him, then give him the information he wants on the event.

Like I said, it's the same as the common ending, but you return to the apartment to find the hacker waiting for you. Meanwhile, the RFA members are still eagerly waiting for you in the chat room when Seven notices that the CCTV has been hacked, so he can't check that you got back safe. Everyone scrambles to track down what happened when Unknown chimes in with the chilling announcement that he has you in his clutches!
So yeah, this was fun, and a nice break from the main story, but it's nice to stop playing the same 2 days over and over again! Time to return to the main story to explore all the not Good Endings!

Tagging my Mystic sisters! Let me know if you wanna be added or removed!
So far I've only played Jumin's dlc because I've gotten a bit bored of mm lately (*gasp*). After skimming through this card a bit I'm motivated to finish all the other routes.
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@JustinaNguyen lol, yeah! But now that I've gone through it all at least once, I'm more lax about missing those... I mean, if I happen to randomly wake up in the middle of the night I'll do it, but otherwise no big deal. Besides, sometimes there's cute stuff there that doesn't show up when you participate!
What is this game? I'm interested in trying it out!
Mystic Messenger! Warning: it's highly addictive!
OOOHHHH, I gotta try the last two!! I went back to the original game. Depending on what ending I get with 707 (please cross fingers for a good ending) I'll go back to it
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Thank you!!!!!