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Warning's Taglist 🎉😎😉

Heyo Vingle Fam!

Nice to meet you, I'm Anthony!! ♡
I am updating my taglist!
Well, if you want to be tagged my cards, comment below! ♡
I provide necessary BTS Memes.
And awesome BTS content.
Also, I'm a hardcore Yoongi stan. My UB. My King.
Be prepared.
Pure Suga content is provided as well.

I am a member of the BTS Mod Squad and am representing him this quarter!! There will be lots of cool themes and some that are interactive, where we want you to make a themed card too!
Find the Bangtan's ARMY Weekly collection
》》 HERE 《《

If you would like to be tagged in just one of the three categories, just specify below!

Can't wait to get to know you all better!

For sure guys! 😄
Please tag me in anything Yoong Yoong related
I'd like to get tagged in all the sections provided
I'll add you now! 😊
Please add me ^^
For sure!!! 😊
I'd like to be tagged if I'm not already 😊
I'll make sure of it!! 😄
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