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He unlocks the door and leads me to the living room. A skinny guy with a bowl haircut comes crashing through one of the doors and goes to another. His phone falls out of his pocket. Another guy comes running after him. "Sorry they act just like children. " Namjoon luaghs. "Oh it's alright. Um wheres the bathroom? " He shows me the way. I lock the door behind me and look for the light switch. I turn on the light and see the guy with the bowl haircut hiding in the corner. Before I can say anything he rushes over to me and covers my mouth. He's standing so close to me. I listen outside and hear the other guy that was chasing him calling for him. The guy in here backs away finally and we stand in silence. I get his phone out of my pocket. "Here's you phone you dropped this earlier." "Thank you. " he grabs his phone, bows down shyly and runs out of the bathroom. So cute. Namjoon introduced all of them to me. There's seven of them in total!! "(Y/N) you will be sharing a room with me. " Namjoon grabs my hand and leads the way. My heart is getting butterflies. My face is heating up so much. What's gonna happen in there we all know what happens when a guy and a girl is alone together in a room. We get to the room and thank God there's two beds. "(y/n) since you don't have any clothes or anything with you, you can borrow my t-shirts and shorts." I follow him to his closet I didn't know I was lost in thought that he stopped and I rammed myself right into his back. "I-i-im so sorry. " I blush and bow to him several times. He laughs. "Hey don't be sorry it's fine. " he smiles at me and pets my head. "Oh around this hour I go to the studio and work on some music I'll be back by 3. Will you be okay?" I nodd. He pulls me in for a hug. I can hear his heart beating. "I'm so lucky to have cross paths with you." Namjoon leaves and I'm alone in the room. I put on the clothes he gave me. It smells just like him. But why is he so happy to have stopped me from falling? How is he so confertable with me? I hear a knock on the door. I open it and immediately got smothered with _______ kissing me.
I did not see that coming!