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Hey everyone! It's Jenny. The Royal Squad are doing features for Boys Republic. Mines is Fanfic Tuesdays lol so I will be posting a one shot every two weeks. So here is the first one. Ok I know his Birthday was last week so this is like a last birthday present lol.
Suwoong X Reader Today is Suwoong’s birthday and I was planning surprise party for him. We have have been dating for a year now and I wanted to do something special for his birthday. The boys and I have been planning this surprise party for weeks now and I need this to be perfect. Minsu took Suwoong out while Sunwoo and Onejunn stayed with me to decorated their lounge and get food ready. We spent 3 hours getting everything ready. We finally finished and we were exhausted. “I hope Suwoong likes it.” I tell the boys “Don't worry, Y/N.” Onejunn says. “He will love it.” Sunwoo tells me I get a message from Minsu. We are going back to the dorms. “They are coming!” I tell them and we check everything. We make sure the food is great, the cake has the right amount of candles and that the decoration are perfect. We wash the dishes we had and put them away. Twenty minutes later I get a text from Minsu again. We are going up the elevator now. We rush cleaning and we turn off the lights and hide in the dark. We hear footsteps stop at the door and talking. The door opens and Minsu turns on the light. “SUPRISE!” He look surprised and happy “Wow! You did this for me?” he asked. “Yup!” We sat down and ate all the food we made. After, we brought the cake out and sang Happy Birthday to him. “Make a wish.” I tell him. He closes his eyes and then blows out the candles. “What did you wish for?” Minsu asks. “Can't tell you.” He says. He turned around and I swiped frosting off the cake and smeared it on his face. “Gotcha!” “I'm gonna get you Y/N.” Suwoong tells me. “Ok, whatever.” We slice the cake and eat it. “You like the cake?” “Yup!” “What did you wish for?” I ask. “An X Box one?” “Really?” “Yup!” “Cute.” He starts to laugh. “I’m kidding. I wished for us to be happy forever. No matter what happens. I love you, Y/N.” “Aw. I love you too.” He leans in to kiss me and I lean in as well when he smears frosting on my face “Gotcha!” He says.
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Oh I loved it Jenny! I'm going to be looking forward to your feature now. 😆
I was so nervous about posting it lol. I'm glad you loved it!