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My friend is staying in Korea for study abroad and she taught me a new word yesterday :)

She's going to Busan for lunar new year (LUCKY) which is this weekend, and is using AirBnb....

Because her Korean is so good, she messaged the host in Korean to ask about directions and he sent her the home address plus something called a:

비번! (bi-beon)

Now according to the dictionary, 비번 means off-duty so my friend was scared hahah would she have to sneak past the apartment guard when he is off duty (AirBnb is illegal in a lot of places)

But then she realized...

비밀 - secret

번호 - number

호 - password

비번 - password!

Its another pesky combination word.

This is why Korean is so hard to learn ㅠㅠ

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God damn it, Korean!! Why you so hard to learn!?!? T.T
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@CrookedShadow well to me it was but we all different! maybe because I'm not in a class learning while I learned Japanese in a class
My daughter is studying abroad in South Korea next year (well starting in August). This will be interesting since she knows English and German.
Nice! It makes it harder but I do love word mash ups! Language is awesome
It's so hard...
so true