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Who: Reader x Sun Ju Kyung What: Smutmance (what you get when Smut and romance have a baby) Warning: some Angst involved in this chapter. Story: You never thought you'd agree to something like this. His interests are unconventional but you're willing to taste this life he likes...
Y/N's POV "Ahhhh." You moaned out while he picked up one of his spanking tools. He walked over to you while you squirmed on the table. Your hands pulled against the chains you were bound to. Your legs moved up then back down the table. Your body was begging. You were being over stimulated especially when he came over and started to move the toy that was in your ass and his tongue flicked your clit. "Shit!" You screamed. "I can't any more Master. Please let me cum." You said. "So soon?" He looked up at you from between your legs. He kept moving the toy in your ass but he kept pushing it farther in you. "No. You need to wait." He said. You screamed frustration and he smiled. He took the vibrating toy out of your heat and the toy out of your ass. You took a second to relax but a second was all you had before he switched the toys. The vibrating one in your ass and now set on high, making you scream and squirm. You clenched your teeth but sound still came out. "Oh my god!" You moaned loudly. He grabbed your thighs and pushed them down making you yelp in surprise. "Stop fucking moving." He said impatiently. He was trying to push the other toy in your heat again. You were shaking from trying not to come. You were reminding yourself to breathe. You stopped moving as much as you could but your moans were loud and couldn't be calmed. He pushed the toy in your heat and started to move it in you while he went back to suck your clit. You tried to pull your hands down to stop him, forgetting he had you chained. Your hands were stopped and you looked down, moaning so loud and shaking hard. "Don't, please don't." You begged. Your eyes had watered and smeared your mascara the way he wanted. You weren't going to be able to hold back your release but he kept stimulating you. "Fuck!" He looked up at you with such dark eyes. You were breathing hard and your shaking hadn't calmed. He kept moving the toy and he just stared into your eyes so dangerously. You whimpered and cried because you were going insane. You took in a deep breath and leaned your head back to get a hold of yourself. Your heart was racing so fast; you felt like it would burst. You looked back up to see him staring at your breast. "Please stop." You whined. He looked at you with even darker eyes. He looked so dangerous, was he forgetting himself? You were gonna cum, you were so close. You were sure he knew and he was trying to force it out of you so he could punish you more. You bit your lip looking at him looking at you. His eyes narrowed and he pulled out both toys, making you sigh with relief. You caught your breath and laid back on the table. Your body relaxed, you didn't realize how tense you had been. You noticed he'd turned off the vibration and set the toys he'd used in a bucket. You felt yourself going crazy. No wonder he told you to focus on yourself. You were already being worn down. You took in deep breaths for the moments that he left your body alone. He came back down to between your legs and he felt all over your legs and up your body. His fingers met your skin so sweetly and took in the softness of your body. He cupped your breast and massaged them, he stared at your body. He drank in the sight of you fucked up and tied down, unable to stop him. His pet. Helpless. He kissed below your belly button and made his way up with soft kisses. His tongue leaving a wet trail behind. He blew on your stomach allowing the cold to greet the line. You sighed at the feeling and his softness went away. His hands gripped your breast tight, his nails bit into your skin and he sucked away at your flesh. He bit down hard on your breast and came up to your nipple biting down and pulling away. You moaned in pain but pleasure as well. He pulled up from you and you noticed his was breathing heavy himself. He moved away from your body and grabbed the spanking tool. He lit a candle on the table before he walked back over to you. There was no warning or warm up; he immediately swatted at your inner thighs. Your legs jumped and you yelped. It stung because of how hard he hit but the pain eased away. He swatted at your other inner thigh. He walked around the table allowing the end of it to run across your stomach to your breast. He swatted at your breast making you yelp again. You jumped and yanked onto your restraints. You clenched your teeth. He spanked by your folds repeatedly hitting the same spot making you cry as he did. Your skin became pink and he moved from that tender area back to your inner thighs. He turned your thighs red swatting at both of them harshly. The sting was killing you and you leaned your head back against the table. You kept yanking at the restraints and biting down on your bottom lip only to let it free itself. He ran his hand up and down the places he hit, trying to sooth the pain. You focused on getting your breathing in order. You just wanted him to sleep with you already. His hands slipped off of you and he left you again. You looked up and he went to the table and grabbed the candle. You watched him come over and he came up by your head this time. He ran his hand over your breast, everything was sensitive already and he wanted to just keep playing with your body. He really wanted to make a mess of you. He tilted the candle so the wax fell onto your breast. You moaned at the hot wax covering your skin. He let it drip down your stomach and then set the candle down away from you two. Aside from the noises you made, it was quiet even he wasn't talking much. He was very focused. This was his business manner after all. You wondered what Ju Kyung had done to get into his business. Something about the dangerous nature in his eyes made you wonder if it was more than determination and a need for control that got him this far. He was smart but he was...dangerous. He gripped your jaw and made you look at him. He came down and kissed you upside down again. He kissed you deep but slowly, his teeth captured your bottom lip and bit down making you whine in his mouth. His tongue took over again and he tilted his head to the side for a better angle. He kissed you hard and his hand found your neck. His other hand slipped to your nose pinching it close while his hand on your neck squeezed lightly. He restricted your breathing until you couldn't take it anymore and he let go of your nose and came away from your mouth to let you breath. You were breathing a little heavier again searching for sweet air. As you did, he started to undo his pants. He rid himself of his belt and unbuttoned his pants. He pushed them down and pulled you closer to the edge and had your head tilt back a bit. "Open your mouth my sweet bunny." He said. He spoke with little emotion, not even a coo to coax you into obeying. He was mostly monotone and concentrated but you listened anyway. Your mouth opened and his length emerged from his boxers. With your mouth open, he pushed his heat inside for you to suck on. He started moving his hips into you, reaching your throat and you forced yourself to breath through your nose. The sounds of you slightly gurgling because he was fucking your throat seemed to push him further. He pinched your nose restricting your air again and you continued to suck until you jerked upwards. You turned your head getting rid of him in your mouth so you could breath and he let go of your nose. He pushed your shoulders back down though. He tilted your head and had you open your mouth again. He pushed himself into your mouth again. He thrusted hard into your throat. Your hands yanked the chains as the moved towards your body. He pulled out to give you breath but only for seconds. He was back into your mouth thrusting down your throat. His hand would massage your throat when he went deep and when you started to choke he pulled out painfully slow. His hands pinched your nipples as he started to thrust into your mouth faster. Your legs kicked while you hummed onto him. Your body faced worse abuse than this. This was just sexual torture and honestly you weren't sure which one you preferred. He pulled out of your mouth for a second to kiss you but his hand went to grip your neck again. He pulled away from you and tilted your head again and forced his length down your throat. He pinched your nose making you choke. He held on a little longer but let go when you squirmed more. "Cotton." You said as soon as he got out of your mouth. You sucked in air and looked up at him. He lowered down to your face and tightened his hand around your neck. He kissed you. Did you not say it loud enough? With his tongue shoved down your throat, it was hard to clarify what you had said. You kissed him back but his grip got a little tighter and you were feeling too light headed. You banged your hand on the table to get his attention. He didn't stop. You started to kick your feet and he slowly looked down at your feet. His hand left your throat. You tried to quickly breathe before he came back onto you. "Stay still." He said. You shook your head, still trying to catch your breath. You coughed at little but when he came over to you again you shifted on the table to get away from him. He stopped moving and looked at you wondering why you fled. You swallowed, finally finding enough air to speak. "Cotton. Cotton." You said. His eyes looked to the floor and he came over to free your wrists and your ankles. You started silently crying and you curled up on the table. He started putting the things he used on you in the bucket minus the candle which he blew out. He went to sit down in the chair and he leaned over, resting his elbows on his knees. He took in a deep breath and his hand wiped his face. "How many times did you say it?" He asked. "Three." You said lowly. He nodded and leaned back in the chair. He looked at you curled up and covering yourself. "Is this what you wanted to see?" You asked. "Yes." You felt your heart sink at how matter of fact he was. He was still business but he was at the very least sorry for making you say it more than once. "I wanted to see you just like that." He said. You nodded sniffing and holding back more tears. You pulled the hair tie out of your hair and let it lay on your back. "You told me to say it if I couldn't handle it." You said. "You did nothing wrong." "But it gets worse doesn't it?" You asked. He nodded. "Why are you like this? You're such a control freak, what made you like this?" "You do." He said simply. "I make you this twisted?" "Yes, because even while you're crying right now I just want to fuck you. I want to fuck you hard. I've wanted to see you like this and that's why I wouldn't touch you as much. It's also why I told you to restrict what I could do to you because I will hurt you." "Why do you want me this way? Bondage, spanking and hot wax is fine but I wasn't sure if you wanted to kill me or fuck me moments ago." You said upset. You wiped tears that were falling down from your face. "I would never want to kill you. I just get a little carried away." "A little? You didn't want me breathing I had to struggle to get you to hear me. What is wrong with you?" "A lot." "You need to pay attention to me. I said it, Ju Kyung I said the word and you didn't listen to me. Did you even hear me?" You said upset. "No, I didn't hear you." "You couldn't hear me because you were cutting off my air. Or were you so lost in something else you weren't paying attention?" "Do want to end this?" "Stop fucking asking me that and answer the god damn question!" You shouted. He looked up at you with softer eyes and tears wouldn't stop falling so you had to keep wiping them away. "What happened to you?" You said. "I stopped paying attention." He admitted. "When you do these things to me, you have to pay attention to me. You can't tell me to say a safe word if you're making it impossible for me to say it or if I do say it and you're not listening to hear me." "Y/n please calm down." "Stop it! Ju Kyung listen to me! I don't care what you do to me but you can not ignore me. You can't space out like that. I'm supposed to trust you, I'm supposed to believe that even if you're giving me pain that you won't endanger me and I can't trust that if you're not even paying attention to me when I say my safe word. Do you understand?" "I've got it Y/n." He said "Why are you giving me an attitude? I was the one almost suffocated." You snapped. "I wouldn't have done that to you." "How do you know when you weren't even paying attention? What were you thinking about?" You asked. "I don't want to talk about it." "Then answer me this: the pet that you said you suspended and hurt, you said that she said her safe word and you didn't hear her because she was gagged. Is that the truth or did you not hear her say it because you spaced out?" You asked. He stood up and looked away from you. You shook your head, "So it happens all the time?" You said. "Only when I punish. That's why I allow Hyunsu to punish my pets because he doesn't lose himself. He knows where to stop." He said. "And you don't?" "I don't stop until I'm satisfied or my pet says the word." "Sometimes not even then." You said still pissed. He turned to you and walked over to the table. "Look Y/n I'd never want to actually hurt you like that, I just can't help it." "This is twice already that you've with held important information like that and twice already that you've lied to me. I have to trust you Ju Kyung and you're not giving me any reason to." "Then why are you still here?" "Why do you want me to leave? If you didn't want me why did you ask for me?" "It's because I want you damn it!" He stood up straight. You got silent. It wasn't because he'd punched the table or even because he shouted at you. You just didn't have anything to say. He sighed, "Doing this helps me touch you because I build it up. My body wants you so bad; I want you so bad. I don't know how- I don't know how to not want to hurt you. I don't know how to not want to see you like this. All I know is that I can't touch you as much as I want because when I do- I can't separate it." "What do you mean, you slept with me twice before. What can't you separate?" "I can't separate the pain from pleasure, not when I've built it up. You had to keep me in check the second time but I kept going for your neck then remember. The first time I was so frustrated I just wanted you and I was trying to control myself. Each time I lose control of anything especially myself I get too rough." "Punishing helps you get it out?" "It helps me balance it. During sex, I still want control but I'm not as rough; my frustrations don't follow into the sex if I've punished. The only other thing that kept me grounded the second time was your scar." "Why did the scar keep you grounded?" "Because someone else hurt you. He left a mark and that made me want to hurt him. I don't want anyone leaving their marks on you. Marks I give I want to be temporary not permanent." "When you zone out what are you thinking about?" You asked. "The past." He said. "When you start punishing, do you just automatically zone out?" "No, it's gradual. It's subtle, too subtle even I don't realize it." "Fine, you wanted me to restrict you then I will. Is there a timer in here?" You asked. He turned to the drawers and opened the third one. He pulled out an egg timer and tossed it to you. "I don't want to be on the table anymore," you said as you wound up the timer. You placed it on the table as you slipped off of it. "You get thirty minutes each time and at the end of the thirty minutes you can't punish me any more. Not unless you fuck me. Your punishments can only be in thirty minute intervals and when the timer goes off you can't hurt me anymore." You said. He wrapped his hand behind your neck and pulled you closer to him. "If you fall too deep you won't hear me if I want you to stop. If you can't control it then you need to be trained." you said. "I'd never let another pet talk to me the way you do." He said looking in your eyes. "I don't mind the pain but I don't want to have to be concerned about my safety. Even if you keep offering me the door out I keep refusing because it's not what you want. It's not what I want either. You wanted an enhanced experience so let's enhance it. Let your pet open up your senses, just focus on me. Bring back your bunny and then let her please her master." You said as you closed the space between you two. You wrapped your arms around his neck and he pulled you close to him. He looked into your eyes and smiled making you smile back. "Hello Velvet." He said. He restarted your pet play but this time you intended to take a little control from him. "Hello Master. Can I please you today?" You said. "Yes you can." He whispered back lowly. You pushed him back to the chair and pushed down his pants completely before sitting him down. You straddled him and aligned yourself with him before sitting down on his lap. You wrapped your arms around his neck again and his hands met your hips. He looked up at you as you looked down at him. You gave him a soft deep kiss while his hands came to your waist. He gripped you tight and started to move you at the pace he wanted. You kept kissing, your tongues intertwining while your nipples perked up and brushed along his chest. You moaned lightly in his mouth. His breaths giving away how turned on his was. He was in control of your pace moving your hips up and down at an even speed. He had to control you, it was a must. The more he got of you the more he wanted. He sat up more on the chair and one of his hands left your waist to grip your hair. He pulled your head back, breaking your long kiss and he licked up your neck. His warm tongue licking your neck had you moaning louder for him. He kissed just below your ear and your hips rocked on him. "Keep going Velvet." He said. You moaned at the way he whispered your pet name. You started bouncing up and down on him again. He brought your neck closer to his lips while he kissed it. Your hands went to his shoulders to keep yourself steady. He exhaled as if frustrated and stood up. He sat you down on your feet and turned you around and bent you over the table; you looked back at him unbuttoning his shirt. He bent you back over the table and pulled you back onto him from behind. He kissed along your shoulders while he continued to pump inside you hard and fast. His groans and moans were so deep and so long, he sounded so sexy. His cheek came to yours when he leaned over more. He kissed the side of your mouth and enjoined the taste of you as he did. You moaned against the table your hot breath fogging up the black surface for a moment. "Master.... Master." You mewled. "Fuck." He groaned. He hit deeper and harder inside of you. He was coming to his edge too. "Please let me cum." You moaned while gripping the side of the table. "Come for me bunny." He said. You sat up and moved back into him as he kept fucking you from behind. His hand came to your clit adding extra simulation. You screamed your orgasm out, your body jerking against his while he continued searching for his release. His hard on rubbing your insides as you tightened around him. You breathed heavy and felt tired. Sex always tired you out. He kept going, he kept moving until he finally said, "Fuck." He shot his load inside you, making you moan and shake even more. He was so hot, just as he came the timer you wound up had gone off. You sort of chuckled at that. You swallowed and turned to look at him. He lifted you onto the table so you could sit down. You kept your arms locked around him just as he kept his arm locked around you. He kissed your neck softly and you began to pet the back of his head. "I have to get you cleaned up." He muttered against your skin. "Okay." You whispered back to him. He didn't let go. He held onto you tighter. Your heart has always failed to speak to you at the right time. This time...This time it didn't speak, it shouted. You were feeling something, something strong. You'd always felt something for Ju Kyung but now it was too clear to ignore. You knew this time your heart wasn't wrong. You were in love with Sun Ju Kyung. As he is and as he was, fucked up or not, the reason you said yes and the reason you stayed was love. You loved him so you stayed. This wasn't a relationship though. He wasn't your boyfriend and you weren't his girlfriend you were just his. His bunny. His pet. His playmate. He wouldn't let you go. You didn't want him to. You wanted him to keep holding onto you. You wanted him to want you too, to love you too. You wondered if he'd ever realize it.... After a while, you two finally left the room. You both redressed and Ju Kyung put the sign on the door that the room needed to be sanitized. That's why he had put everything he used on you in the bucket. He said the toys got thrown away and replaced but the other tools were sanitized as well as the table and anything else used in the room. It was for safety purposes and sanitary purposes. One thing you could be grateful for was that the club was thorough. They even had wipes to help clean yourselves up, at least long enough to make it home so you could shower up. He walked you out of the room and people were still kind of just hanging around. This place was too much. Once you were out of the room and in front of the doors. Ju Kyung looked to you and said, "Do you have work tomorrow?" "No but Jay and Cha cha wanted me to meet up with them for lunch." You said. "Stay with me tonight and we can have breakfast together tomorrow morning. I'll make sure you're in time for your lunch." He said. You smiled at him and he cupped your face to give you a kiss. He looked serious but he was soft. He really wanted you to stay close to him. "Aw how cute, has the little bunny been pleasing her master?" You looked over to see Hyunsu with his girls. This time they were standing up. You still didn't like Hyunsu. Ju Kyung's hands left your face and one hand made it to your waist and pulled you close to him. "Go away Hyunsu you agitate her every time you come around." He said. "Aw she doesn't like me? She likes my pups though." He smiled. "You k-" you started to retort when Ju Kyung pressed a finger to your lips. He lifted your chin and said, "Behave Velvet." He said. You nodded. Ju Kyung kissed your forehead and turned back to Hyunsu. "You're quite soft to her. Protective almost. What's gotten into you?" Hyunsu said. "What do you mean?" Ju Kyung asked. "You're just different. Queen thinks you're changing too. Be careful with that." "I think your both delusional." Hyunsu laughed, "Just don't let the sweet little bunny make you forget how to act during the dinner. Your membership could be revoked. Plus if she acts up I get to punish her." He smiled at you. You glared at him. "She'll behave." Ju Kyung said. "I'm just reminding you of our little deal. I wouldn't spend too much time playing with her, you only have a few more weeks left." He teased. "We'll be fine now get lost, the longer you stay around the more agitated she becomes." Ju Kyung said. "When is your bunny do for a show Ju Kyung? You've been keeping her to yourself for sometime now. I heard you even let Queen taste her. She said she was so sweet-" "Shut up." Ju Kyung snapped. Hyunsu grinned at him. "My apologies." He said. "Let's go." Ju Kyung said looking down at you. He pulled you along with him keeping you close. He led you to the exit and waited for the valet to pull his car up. He led you to your door and opened it and closed it for you. Ju Kyung was always careful about making sure he opened and closed the doors for you. "Are you tired?" He asked as he drove off. Your fingers were softly running over your bunny ears. "Ne." You whispered. "You can sleep when we get back if you'd like." He said. "Yes Master." You said trying to remind him he hadn't broken your pet role yet. He didn't seem to want to, not just yet. You let him be, he was mostly silent the entire ride home. He played music on the radio softly and it only made you feel more drowsy. You kept drifting off in the car until you'd fallen asleep... "You're such a fucking slut!" The scream came from behind you and you rolled your eyes. "What? Are you just going to ignore me?" He yelled. "If it's all the same to you I'd rather not have to endure such childish behavior." You responded. It was the wrong response. You were pushed into the wall and pinned against it. He gripped your hair in his hand and pulled your head back. "Who the fuck do you think you're talking to?" he seethed. You struggled below him, "Let go!" "If you don't stop fucking moving!" "What? You'll do what Taehyun?" You yelled back. He got closer to you, right in your ear. "Don't ever test me princess. I can hurt you so bad." He yanked you back by your hair and threw you to the floor. You hit your head but looked up just in time to see him grabbing his belt. His long black hair framed his face. There was fury in his eyes and he still wore the cut on his face you gave him during another much different fight. Too many times you'd been in this position, not just with Taehyun but other men of your past. You were too stubborn to walk away, too delusional to admit you were in danger or had a problem of picking men that had no problem putting their hands on you. You never loved Taehyun. Taehyun had come into your life when you had already recognized you liked sex. That's what relationships were good for. A long term or short term sex partner. Someone to please you in the sheets and if need be, look pretty by your side at work affairs. Through out all the fights you and Taehyun had, he made sure he hurt you in places no one else could see. He knew how to not get caught but even if someone questioned a mark, you always blew it off. Marks didn't mean anything to you. Bruises, cuts, it didn't matter because they all healed eventually. Eventually, all those things just like all those men had faded away. Taehyun was the most violent, the most controlling and the hardest one to fade away. "Now I'm going to teach you how to fucking listen." He came towards you with the belt.... You jumped up pushing the body next to you off of you. You were panting hard. Shit. Shit. Why was he in your head now? Ju Kyung isn't the same. "Y/n." Ju Kyung whispered. "Don't!" You shouted. You backed up and realized you were in Ju Kyung's bed. Ju Kyung was sitting next to you trying to figure out what was wrong. "You were restless. Did you have a nightmare?" He asked. You were shaking and trying to calm down. You looked around and you were in Ju Kyung's room. "How did I get here?" You asked. "You fell asleep in the car. I carried you in." He answered. You nodded. "What happened? What were you dreaming?" he asked. "It doesn't matter. It wasn't real." "It does matter. You were scared." "Leave it alone Ju Kyung. It's not something I want to think about even less talk about." You said. He leaned over and gently wrapped his hand around your head and pulled you in to kiss your forehead. "I haven't released you yet bunny." He whispered. "Please stop." You said. "Enough Y/n." He said. He kissed you, he kissed you deeply. He pressed his tongue past your lips and laid you back down on the bed. His hand met your side and glided down slowly. You sighed into his kiss and looked up at him, "You're gentle." You said surprised. "Ne, probably because you're scared." He whispered. "It takes me to be scared for you to be gentle?" You asked. You grazed the back of your fingers across his cheek. He closed his eyes enjoying your soft touch. He looked back down at you. "I don't want you scared of me." He said. "I'm not. There's just something's I'm trying to leave behind." "Like your devil ex?" He asked. He came down to kiss your neck. "Yeah." You said back lowly. He kissed you slowly, his tongue making wet trails on your neck while his hands moved down your body. His touch was sweet, so you gave in to him....
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