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Hey guys it's Axos here bringing another chapter to you guys about Tae Chan. This one feels a bit long since there are more conversations in it. I hope you guys like this one. Please be sure to comment and give feedback. I love feedback. Once again thank you @Choijiah for your fantastic game that this is based off of. Please enjoy. TWELVE ONE
Tae Chan rolled her eyes. "well I suppose I'm back where I started. Besides I will see you guys tonight and I'll be around for another week at least," it was delightful hearing them fight over her after all this time. It made her heart feel more at ease and kept her mind from wondering off. After the games finished most of the class was already ready to depart. Minhyun had coaxed some guy to take her home while Hina placed her heavy luggage in Tae Chan's rental car. Tae Chan dragged her bags to the trunk and the two stuffed them in before closing it and getting inside. Tae yawned as she put her seatbelt into place then cranked up the radio. "So are you gonna sleep at Junhyungs? Your welcome at my place during your stay. " Hina asked as she kicked off her shoes and pulled the lever for the seat to lean back. "That would make it allot easier. Thanks." Tae Chan started the car and put it into gear before backing out. "Lets stop at a convince store. I need something sweet," Once they got into town Tae Chan and Hina headed to Hinas house to change. The ride was not too long but it was 7pm already and a few stops for food and the bathroom made the trip feel stretched. Both girls agreed that they needed to haul their luggage in a safe place. After traffic light after traffic light and some turns they arrived at Hinas place. Both females dragged their stuff inside and stretched a bit before changing. On the way to Junhyungs Tae Chan spilled the beans to Hina. "I decided to give up on Dongwoon." she beamed as she turned the steering wheel. Hina lifted a brow just before laughing. "Sure pal. Don't kid yourself. Its been how many years?" "Well it's not like he made it his priority to talk to me this whole time. I've been hunting him down and he only came to my door ONCE!" Tae Chan grumbled. "Do I really need to make a fool of myself for him?" "True but give him some time. Maybe he will come around. Who knows," "I'm not staying here for a month. Plus, he lives in Japan. I decided that since he didn't bother finding me before we left then he must not want me....." Tae tightened her lips as she neared a red light. "I should just take your advice and go for someone who will actually spend time talking to me like....Junhyung," "Oi your kidding. Has he even flirted with you? Do you even feel attracted to him?" "Wasn't he on your list of guys to set me up with the other night? I mean come on can't I settle for one of my best friends? Whats the harm in that?" "Honey, I do believe you said he was somehow like a brother to you so why do you wanna kiss your brother?" Tae looked at Hina with a blank expression on her face. "Oh God," she opened her mouth and wrinkled her nose. "I'm just gonna stay alone for all eternity. I can't get the one guy that I actually want so I'll just be alone. Ill grow cobwebs between my legs," she pouted feeling defeated. "your seriously nuts. Just calm down and let's see what happens. He might even be at Junhyungs tonight," "Don't get my hopes up," Tae Chan grumbled. After they got the Junhyungs building they parked and got out. Tae Chan stayed silent on the elevator ride as she did her best to stop sulking. She really wanted to be happy but the idiot she wanted to be happy with didn't seem to want her. She had to make the best of her trip and not dwell on the negative. Sadly she knew that her mind overworked it's self every minute of the day. Once they got to the right door Hina knocked while Tae Chan gathered what was left of her pride and stood up straight. She had to keep focused if Dongwoon was here. She said a short prayer hoping he would not be at Junhyungs condo. If she met his chocolate hues Tae Chan would only feel the unsatisfaction of this weekend. The door opened with Gikwang standing in the entryway. "Hey ladies. Come in," the male beamed brightly as he stool a step to the side holding the door open for them. Hina was the first to enter with Tae Chan carefully scanning around before following. Her eyes curiously and worridly glanced about inside the living room. "Wow. Junhyung skypes allot in here. Its so big and spacious," Tae Chan examined the walls and floor. It seemed that every angle she remembered of the room she was able to picture Junhyung walking around with his tablet. He did give her a camera tour about his condo before so it was nice to stand in the places he showed her. "You remembered," Junhyungs voice came from the kitchen. He walked out holding two water bottles in his hands and a smile on his face. "Well the last time we skyped was when exactly?"Tae smirked as she took the water bottle he handed her. "The night before you got on the plane?" Junhyung gave Hina a bottle as well before placing a hand against both females backs to lead them to the kitchen. "Ahh Hyunseung made dinner and Dujun is here for a quick visit," he mumbled as they entered the kitchen. "Ahh where are your bags?" he looked down at Tae who was empty handed. "Oh I'm sleeping at Hinas so you don't have to feel burdened by me," Tae smirked as she moved to the counter Hyunseung was standing at. He was by the stove mixing a spoon around in a big pot. "Ooooo that smells good," she patted a hand against the cooks back and looked up at him before turning to the others. Yoseob sat at the island munching on some chips with Dujun and Gikwang. Junhyung stood next to Hina as he took a sip of a drink in his hands. Hina pulled up a seat next to Gikwang and reached over the counter to grab a chip. "How are you a burden to me exactly?" Junhyung asked as he clicked the top of his coke can. "I have breakfast places planned and lunch," "Then on days when Hina is busy I'll spend time with you. We can work it out. I just feel like walking around in my underwear and can't if I stay with you," Tae Chan opened her water bottle and took a sip. Gikwang almost choked on his chip as he smiled while Yoseob and Dujun laughed. Hina rolled her eyes at Tae Chan's words while Junhyung stayed quiet. Hyunseung had his back to the group as he silently prepared dinner. "Alright I get it," Junhyung choked. *CLACK* The sound of a door opening vibrated off the walls. Tae Chan all but jumped out of her skin knowing that it had to be the only one who was not in the kitchen. She cleared her throat and stood up straight trying to ignore the foot steps that got closer. Tae turned around and placed her bottle down. "Need any help?" she asked Hyunseung hoping that he would provide a distraction. "Stir this," he handed the spoon to her and turned around. "let me know when it starts to boil," Hyunseung stretched out his fingers and reached for a can of coke on the counter next to Dujun leaving Tae Chan to tend to the pot. "So when are you coming to my place for dinner," he looked back at Tae. The female hesitated at first knowing Dongwoon was there standing somewhere behind her. She didn't want him to know how out of place she felt now that he was here. "I..It doesn't matter. Maybe tomorrow?" She kept her back facing the others as she hoped no one noticed her. "Dongwoon, how has work been? Is Minhyun still mad at you?" Dujun slapped Dongwoon on the shoulder and smiled. "We have a few clients that are getting ready to launch new products and.....let's not talk about that obnoxious person,"
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