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Hello everyone!!

So this week for CNBLUE, we'll be posting cards about them back in their pre-debut years!! And can I just say, they were the cutest little things~!!

Especially Younghwa and Jonghyun, of course C:

Haha he was still so adorable even when he was younger!! And he still has the same smile~ So perfect!!!

I wonder if he still skis :l

Awwwwwwww Jonghyun!! He was so precious!!!! (Still is cX) And look at him with his long hair!! It didn't look that bad on him!!! Awww he's so cute~!!!!!

Maybe even cuter than Yonghwa cX Whoops!

Haha, I love looking through pre-debut photos of my favorite idols since it's interesting to see how they use to look like and just see how much they changed.

I'm just curious as to how people find these photos.... :l

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Omg Jonghyun's hair I love it so much!
They look so young, but grew up to be sexy men.
Jonghyun looks really good with long hair