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If you are a Melody than you know how long we have been waiting for this moment. I mean we saw Changsub's abs during 'Thriller' era. But since then we haven't seen them. (Not that I've been looking or anything.)

A little backstory.

Changsub has always been self conscious about his appereance. If you ever watched BTOB Diary you hardly saw his face. He was and has never been fat. (Shame on those who think he is.) When 'Thriller' came out, every Melody was in shock. We are used to seeing Minhyuk without a shirt. But Hyunsik. Minhyuk, Ilhoon, Eunkwang AND Changsub didn't have shirts.
For reference. Still killing us with those fake tattoos.
I knew he had been dieting. I could see it in his face. What I didnt know was that not only was he dieting, but the guy went without meat for four months!


Fans kept asking him when he promised them to show his abs after his fan cafe got 70,000 followers.

Well 70,000 followers and a concert later, the man doesn't disappoint.

He even looks so proud that he did it. Hell if I had that body, which I'm working on, I would show it off too! (Just you wait. Give me like 6 months to a year though)

Changsub I applaud you. And I am one very proud Melody. Very proud.

Now no more dieting and stay healthy! Just thought you all should know how proud I am of him. Also to rudely bomb your inbox with a half naked man.
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This is so bittersweet for me. I'm just going to enjoy it for what it is and be happy for him because he worked hard and all that effort should not go unappreciated. No go eat a steak and then a burger and then an entire cake, okay Changsub?
omo witchcraft I tell you.....oppa 😣😣. now just waiting patiently for Peniel's
I have a feeling we'll be waiting for that day for a very long time.
I just worry that he wasn't safe dieting like that and the long term affects. I wish fans wouldn't put so much emphasis on the abs (sigh). They are nice to look at, but I hate that the boys feel bad if they don't have them.
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Baekhyun was another one that didn't eat just to please fans with his abs.