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Hello everyone!!

It is the third day of the Color Bias Challenge Game Thing!!!! Yay~ I'm keeping up with this challenge so far!! That's happy making at least.

And I was kidding about him being sad. He's not sad, especially when he looks so good in blue!! I'm experiencing all kinds of feels from these cards.... :l

By the way, I'm awake again cX But not for long!! Cause I'm so tired...

Guys, I never realized how good Chanyeol looks in blue!! Like, he's so adorable and innocent looking!!!!

These pictures are so happy making to look at!! Like, I seriously am smiling over these pictures!!!!
He needs to wear more blue often cause I am loving it on him!! Blue just makes his puppyness stand out even more!
I love it!!!! Wear blue more often Chanyeol oppa!!

Okay, so far, today has not killed me like the last two days!! I think this is an improvement!!

But we'll see what the next couple of days bring;;

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I love the blue with the blonde hair.