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Vingle has always been about sharing and discovering things that you love. We believe that connecting with people through things you're genuinely passionate about will inspire you, and make you genuinely happier! In order to make it easier for you to share, collaborate, chat, and discover with other Vinglers, we're constantly improving our platform. We're simply giving you the tools and the place, it is up to you to create the content and community that you love.

Vingles most recent change is our snazzy card editor update!

It's human nature to share stories and experiences.

On Vingle, we want to make it easier for you to create and share, so our new card editor is cleaner, more logical, and perfect for creative Vinglers like you.
We've moved from our previous block system to a seamless card, where photo and video media flow together with text, making your writing more reader-friendly.

Heres how to use it!

To add a photo/gif: - Click where you want to insert the photo as if you were entering text. - Touch the camera from the tool bar and choose the photo(s) you wish to insert. - You photos will be uploaded to your card! - The photos will show up one by one, rather than our previous carousel style. - To delete the photo, simply backspace.
 To add a video:
- Click where you want to insert the video as if you were entering text. - Paste the video link on its own line. - Immediately hit enter (if there is a space or text the link will not embed) - That's it! You embedded your video to the card! To add text: - Type as you normally would, wherever you like! - Touch and hold text to highlight it, then choose from the pop-up tool box if you'd like to link, bold, italicize, or make your text a header. - You can also add text between photos and video by touching the blank area between two pieces of media.

You're ready to publish!

When you've finished your card, choose a collection, language, and community to publish it to. Your card will be seen by members or visitors of the communities you published to and your collection followers.
Change isn't always easy, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us in the comments below or at if you have any issues with the card editor. The Vingle team has worked tirelessly on this update for web, iOS, and Android, so we all want to make sure that Vinglers are able to use it to the best of their ability. As always, we thank you for being such an amazing community and we cant wait to keep growing with you!

Happy Vingling~

Thank you for all the helpful emails! There is a new update and moderator privileges will be back in 24 hours (due to the huge changes in the app, if we had added the moderator setting initially there would have been even MORE bugs so we waited for the main changes to be settled and fixed before adding back the feature) Thank you for your patience.
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You hadn't updated to the most recent version, which is why you continued to have problems. Please make sure you are completely updated before reporting issues again, thank you.
the save card as draft don't work
We're working on that now and should be fixed in 24 hours at most!
many of us strongly dislike this new format. I does not working properly for every phone and it is making it difficult to make cards. I do understand this is new but even with the old format when I first joined Vingle it was a breeze to catch on and produce more content. I'm making less due to this ridiculous format. Is there any way to switch back or naw?
I post my cards on my phone most of the time , but since the update I have not been able to post a card. I can get through the part on making the title and adding a picture but when I go to publish it in English , my collection and set it in a community then hit "done" it will not work. The publish button is really the only problem I'm having everything else works except for that.
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Update! It will let me post now finally!! I do miss the old way of posting and preferred it over this way but I'll just have to adjust!
I see that this update is both on mobile and the site. A lot of people do not like this layout and have many complaints. We have sent much feedback
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@royalpandajedi Agreed, I loved the old layout. I didn't see a problem with it. No one even complained about the original layout. The only thing people wanted was to be able to put more than 50 pics on one card. That's it.
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