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So I just got finish watching Bridal Mask, which I know came out a while ago, and I was amaze with it so I thought hey I have seen quite a few dramas that were amazing as well. So here's my top ten dramas that I thought were either epic, memorable, heart-wrenching, etc. 10) Now I know most people love City Hunter and I did as well, but to me I would put it on #10, why? Well it has awesome action scenes inside and a twisted plot that was head-spinning, plus it has Lee Minho! Although (in my opinion) the ending left me a little quite unsatisfied, but overall it was a really good drama! 9) My Princess this drama had a cute romance that I fell in love with both character's the story-line was sort of basic, but it did have some drama and comedy in it as well. Plus you get to see Song Seung Hun with his shirt off! Can't get any better then that! 8) Panda and Hedgehog, well just to begin I really love Donghae (which is why I watch it in the first place, haha) but the drama was really cute with it's comedy and romance. Plus it was really mouth-watering to see all those pastries. 7) Love Rain, this drama was heart-warming the story-line was so shamble that all you thought was why can't they be together! I almost cry on this one and it has a cute ending to it as well. 6) Monstar this drama came out this year and I love the music in it, the actors/actress were also great. The drama overall was a mix of comedy and drama, they have a great music and a great plot. Although the ending left me thinking that there is more to come, but I'm not sure... 5)A Gentleman's Dignity this drama was full of comedy that I couldn't help laughing in tears, it's a light-heart drama that has a cute plot. 4)Heartstrings, well it has Jung Yong Hwa and who doesn't love him? Hahaha, well aside of him this drama also has a great OST to it as well and it was cute-comedy-romance drama. 3)Faith/Queen In Hyun's Man, I know these two are different dramas, but I really couldn't decide on either of them because they both have kinda of the same of plot, but different endings. Plus both made me cry, but Queen In Hyun's Man made me cry extra and Faith left me breathless. Those two dramas has such a heart-wrenching ending that it made me want to have a heart-attack. 2)Master's Sun/Bridal Mask, well these two are completely different but they both were really good that I had to put them together! Reason for Master's Sun: Well So Ji Sub and Gong were fabulous on this romcom drama, plus I love how they had a little bit of horror mix up on it. It was really funny and I enjoy watching it and the actors/actress did such a well job that it didn't seem like they were acting. Overall this drama was memorable with a cute ending to it. Plus has a great OST! Reason for Bridal Mask: This drama can just be simply explain in one word and that is EPIC, it was so mix emotion that I couldn't tell what emotions I was feeling anymore. The whole drama was just amazing and the ending was just jaw-dropping it was definitely different and good from any drama I have seen. This drama also has a really good OST that makes it even more epic! 1) Now for the number 1 drama that was just the best in everything! I know this drama hasn't ended yet, but even without the ending the drama has caught my attention and left me amaze each time from the first episode and that is Good Doctor. I really like the story-line to this drama, a majority of dramas are you usually based off with some type of issue that gets solve with love and just like this one Joo Won who plays the main character needs love to help solve his autism and this issue is different from any other drama that I have seen so far. Joo Won is an amazing actor and I give him props for doing such an excellent job on this character, I can't wait to see the ending of this drama, because I know it will be epic too! So those are my top 10 dramas that I would recommend people to watch. Thank you for reading. Peace :)
T-T I don't want it to en either. Yeah I like him too, he's a really great actor.
I think to watching good doctor tonight. because I like this guy..
@evelyn... Good Doctor ends today, right!?? Im so excited yet sad @ the same time!! Its been a really good Dorama!!
@tyta468 you have too see those two dramas they are REALLY good. @irelis27 you won't regret watching it, it's awesome! I love it.
@irelis27 ..bridal mask is a good dorama, I finished 2 days ago.
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