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So I don't know how I ended up doing an Exo one shot let alone having it be Sehun, but he kind of just fit into this role. Anyway this is a bit supernatural with vampire and werewolf. felt in the mood. Hope you enjoy this one shot!
I've lived a long time. I have seen many things in my lifetime, I have been many things in this long life of mine. Right now though, I am just a girl working in a bar keeping myself occupied listening to people's problems and miseries. Every once in a while I'll take one of them out back and have dinner. Tonight was no exception. The bar was packed, one or two people  wouldn't  be amiss for a little bit. My eyes trailed over the people in the crowd. There was one guy who stood out to me. He was sitting at the end of the bar hunched over his drink, just looking down at the empty cup. I walked over and leaned down next to him.  "can I get you another?" I asked him. He looked up at me. His eyes were piercing. "Whiskey" he said in a dark husky voice. "On the rocks"  I couldn't help the shiver that ran through me. Even over the noise I could hear is voice loud and clear. "Sure thing, sweet thang" I winked at him and grabbed the bottle. I poured the  liquid over ice and handed it to him.  He handed me a bill  and told me to keep the rest. When I got my break from behind the bar for 10 minutes, I made my way to the dance floor. Nothing beat dancing to burn off some energy and I was brimming with it at the moment. The man at the bar, I could feel him watching me move. a grin came across my face. Bodies brushed up against mine as I moved deeper into the crowd and started to dance to the  music. Arms reached out to me and pulled me against a hard chest. When I lifted my eyes to the person in front of me, it was him. I pressed  my body against his for a moment,  teasing before I pulled away and did a move to drop me to the floor and slowly come up. His hands were on my waist and I could feel his breath against the back of my neck. "Having fun?" He asked. "Yes" I grinned turning to him. A slow grin came across his face. "What's your name?" He asked. "Bar maid" I whispered into his ear. I could hear him chuckle.  "Is that so?" He chuckled. "And you?" I asked. "Sehun" he pressed his lips to my ear then tugged my earlobe with his teeth. "Oh how I wish I could sink my teeth in you" I whispered. "I'd bite you right back" he said. He could hear that? Above all the noise he could hear it, that shocked me. "U/N bar!" I heard my name called making me look at the bar to see the other bartender was getting bombarded at the bar. "U/N, pretty name" Sehun  whispered into my ear as he backed away. "Thanks" I said quizzically. Sehun made his way through the crowd with me following right behind him. I went behind the bar and started to work on the thirsty  crowd. The rest of the night I kept an eye on him as he sat at the bar. People came and went until I called out last call. It was 6 in the morning and time for the party to be over. The place shut down then but few people remained until that early hour. 8 hour shifts, I was tired, but more so I was hungry now. "U/N you want to head out first?" The other bartender asked. "No I'm good Dahlia, you go ahead. A pretty girl like you shouldn't get caught at closing time" I winked at her making her laugh. "Your a woman to you know, better to go in pairs" she said. "Then have the bouncer take you to the train station" I told her. "I can fend for myself just fine" I said. She eyed Sehun who was still at the bar. "Are you sure?" She asked "I can take her to the train station" Sehun offered. "See I have a nice gentleman to guide me home" I told her. "Alright U/N have a good night, uh morning" Dahlia waved goodbye  I finished with the last few minutes and putting covers on all the bottles. "Are you ready to leave?" Sehun asked when I finally looked over at him. I nodded. We went out the back door and I locked up. Turning to him I grinned. "Now then" I stepped closer to him  and he stood still. "You don't mind now do you little boy" I grinned as I wrapped my arm around his neck. I used mind control  in my words as I spoke.  "You won't scream or be afraid of me" I whispered into his ear as I pressed my body against his making him back up Into the wall behind him. A slow grin crossed his face "Little boy? Is that my new pet name?" Sehun chuckled. "Cause I'm definitely not little" I could feel that with how he pressed against me all of a sudden "and I'm a full grown man" he added. This shocked me. He wasn't supposed to talk, he wasn't supposed to make jokes at a time like this. "If your going to bite me do it" he grinned then whispered close to my ear, "I'll still be biting you back" he said. Panicked I let go of him, but his arm around my waist prevented me from going any further. "Now then my little vampire what are you going to do?" He taunted. He knew. The look on my face must have shown my suprise because he chuckled. "I've seen you around, I've had my eye on you U/N. For a long time now" he started. "I just wanted you to make the first move" he said. "Are you?" I gasped. "No, I'm a wolf" he grinned. "Oh. Oh! " I was suprised. Vampires weren't supposed to associate with werewolves, but he smelled so good, and looked so yummy, I couldn't help myself as I started to pant. "Are you going to bite me or should I try you first?" He whispered. I must have taken to long because he moved my neck and bit the hallow of my neck.  It wasn't to draw blood. No, he was marking me as his. "You are mine" he panted as he pulled away. "Say it" he urged. "I'm yours " I whispered. Sehun all but put his neck him my mouth as he pricked his neck and drew me closer. That delicious smell of blood, it taunted me. "And your mine" I whispered before I bit into him. "That was one hell of a greeting" I said as I pulled myself away from him and swiped the last but of blood on his neck. I wiped it on my neck to heal the wolf bite faster. "U/N, I've been searching for my mate for a long time. Who knew it would be with a vampire" Sehun chuckled as he watched me. "So you knew the moment you saw me tonight" I chuckled. "Yes" he nodded "And here I thought it was just me watching you" I said.
Oh gosh now I think trilogy (3 chapters) lol should I even?
Omg yes! I love your writing 😄
I love the cover it's gorgeous.
YES!!! I love it especially since he's my bias😆👏🏻👏🏻
Ooohhh! This was so good!! I want more!! Well done! 😄
ohhhhh i love it!!!!!! but but 😭😭theirs no other part😭😭😭😭😭
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