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Man's face is hidden here....
Description taken from the original website: "Time how long it takes you to see the man's face in these coffee beans. If it takes less than three seconds, your right brain is more developed than most!" I must be completely dumb or my right brain is atrophied but I just cant see the man on this pic...tried diff angles and look while squinting. Still cant find that bastard...haha Can U?
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Oh my God it finally happened, thanks for help, I finally found that bastard !!!!:))
4 years ago·Reply
your welcome...yep, im soo awesome!!! lolz
4 years ago·Reply
wow. . its awesome
4 years ago·Reply
it scared the dickens out of me, as i was reading i glanced at the beans and there it was
3 years ago·Reply
I got it once I stopped trying to see the whole picture as a face
2 years ago·Reply