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Description taken from the original website: "Time how long it takes you to see the man's face in these coffee beans. If it takes less than three seconds, your right brain is more developed than most!" I must be completely dumb or my right brain is atrophied but I just cant see the man on this pic...tried diff angles and look while squinting. Still cant find that bastard...haha Can U?
@janekhon look at the bottom, towards the middle...then a little to the left....see his head, not just face, his head....is the same size as the beans thats what threw everyone off...
Oh my God it finally happened, thanks for help, I finally found that bastard !!!!:))
I still cant find the man, cheerfulcallie did you look from a particular angle??? Is the man bold??? Cuz I think I see a face of a bold man...:))
@cheerfulcallie dang you are so good at these... I'm so bad haha. Was looking forever yesterday but couldn't find the person. I was looking for the beans to make a shape of a person this whole time!
I got it once I stopped trying to see the whole picture as a face
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